Tokyo 8 minutes of amazing world look at the next Olympics black technology

“Tokyo 8 minutes of” amazing world, look at the next Olympics black technology

The Rio Olympics closing ceremony, “8 minutes in Tokyo” opens a science and “the second element” of the world, Doraemon, Super Mario, Tsubasa Ozora … … At the closing ceremony of “Tokyo 8 minutes” show, the world into technology and anime “the second element” world. Such a performance, Japan. Indeed, 4 years after the Tokyo Olympics and perhaps not only a sports, also belongs to the anime and science and technology.

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The Gizmodo site writes in a column: it was revealed in the Asahi Shimbun, the Tokyo Olympic Games Olympic village will be the first ever “robotic village”, is a 60-foot-tall Giant up to like it has been completed.

By the year 2020, in the face of world athletes and visitors, where the robot tasks such as language translation, the navigation and other services.

“Robot taxi plan” could become a reality. In August, Japan and DeNA company ZMP introduced the first automated robotic driving a taxi, which is expected to provide services during the games.

It is reported that NHK plans to broadcast in HD-resolution 8k the 2020 Olympic Games. In October, Japan, sharp will begin selling 8K, sells for up to $ 125,000, according to the plan, TV appears more in like 2020 Japan family.

In addition, Japan Mitsubishi Electric company says it has developed a way of establishing a floating 3D image technology, people can walk around this image, don’t just sit in front of a screen to watch the projection.

In the column for Gizmodo, ALE, a Japan company plans to manufacture artificial meteor showers moving across the sky in the Tokyo Olympics scene, the company is working with the Japan University to design and launch a cube micro-satellite, simulating nature rare meteor shower.

According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the Tokyo Government plans to spend 40 billion yen (about 2.1 billion yuan) in the next five years, improve the utilization of hydrogen as an energy source and to the Olympic Games, Tokyo Olympic Games Olympic village 6,000 construction uses only hydrogen fuel cells for energy.

Lyft is only worth $ 2 billion Lyft comeback is Uber said at discrediting not sell

Uber think Lyft value of 2 billion dollars after the release of reports in various media platforms, a source close to Lyft furious for Uber. He pointed out that it’s not Uber trying to disrupt Lyft business for the first time.

“Uber tried to use annoying policy affects our business, Bloomberg is a classic example of the” Lyft spokesman said “Lyft is not to sell the company, we have a lot of money to turn a profit. ”

But people familiar with the matter said, Lyft fiduciary duty to its investors, even if it is not required to sell the company, will also take into account every reasonable offer. Lyft to be on equal footing with Uber still has a long way to go, its biggest advantage may be that it was Uber in the United States the only major opponent.

Microsoft acquired Virtual Assistant technologies of artificial intelligence company Genee

Microsoft Monday announced through the official blog, has signed with the AI itinerary service startup Genee acquisition agreement. Ben Cheung and Charles Lee, the founder of the latter to join Microsoft. Both specific amount yet to be released. Genee founded in 2014, is the leading provider of meeting scheduling service company based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Its service can simplify the cumbersome and time-consuming part of the schedule of meetings, in particular massively multiplayer sessions.

“We believe that Microsoft in the field of personal and business productivity, artificial intelligence and virtual assistant technologies has been an industry leader. So we look forward to the pursuit and expertise into this team in order to provide the most sophisticated voice and intelligence services. “Genee founder said.

Apple’s acquisition of personal health record platform Gliimpse

Apple confirmed today that it has acquired Gliimpse personal health start-ups, continues near the health and fitness field. Earlier this year, the company completed the acquisition. Gliimpse is a personal health platform that collects health and fitness-related data available to users and personalize your own health data and share. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

The company was founded by entrepreneur anier·Saixi in 2013, when he saw his sister struggle with breast cancer, their inspiration, creating an easy way to keep track of health data. At present, the Gliimpse allows users to record their daily emotional States, track results and level of pain, and told doctors, the platform uses a variety of techniques to protect users ‘ privacy, ensure that each user’s data is safely stored. These features make Gliimpse more likely to work for diseases such as diabetes, cancer patients a health care experience

NASA spacecraft captured Mars 360-degree panoramic video

According to the daily mail, the United States Space Agency (NASA) curiosity Mars Rover recently captured by the Mars surface 360-degree panoramic video display looks very much like the Earth’s landscape. This video is the curiosity Rover on August 5, 20th United States Space Agency posted on its Web site. Video displayed in the desert-like landscape, which is littered with eroded Flattop Mountain and hilly topography, looks very much like United States southwestern landscape.

In fact, belong to the surface of Mars in the video “the Maury formation” (Murray Formation), made up mainly of mud on the lake bottom. United States NASA said the pingdingshan curiosity is darker on the left side of the machine arm is only about 15 meters high, about 90 meters away from the detector.

Face recognition is not secure us scientists used the pictures cracked the Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

According to foreign media reports, a research team from the University of North Carolina with their recently in social media (Facebook) collected a number of photos, using special computer synthesis and rendering technology, you can generate a planar 3D model display on the phone. They then use this model to test, found as many as five were security system in 4/5 to 85% time to be measured, can be easily fooled. More importantly, they can collect on the Facebook photos is very limited, and there is no guarantee of quality, there is only a 45-degree angle-side face.

Expert 3D skull reshaping 2000 years ago the Mummy looks

According to “East Butte” on August 21, not before the camera, portraits and is our first ancient text describing records appearance. Today’s technology is advanced, Australia Melbourne experts to computer scan with 2000 years of history of the Mummy, take 3D reshape the skull casing, restoring the ancient Egypt young women face. It was reported that a named meilitaman at the University of Melbourne (Meritamun) female Mummy, it is estimated that she died at 18-25, in 2000 years ago and buried.

Android nougat on the line, only Nexus users can download

According to foreign media reports, Google’s latest Android version 7.0 (aka Nougat nougat), formally launched today. Android 7.0 only pushed to Nexus devices, including the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player and Pixel c. Android push-back One to wait for a few weeks. Android 7.0 introduced in May this year to open beta, adds many new features, including multiple Windows multitasking, battery-saving mode, increase Google Daydream of VR platform support and many new emoticons.


AIR 020 2020 scholarship launch discover the next 100 artificial intelligence

AIR 020 丨 2020 scholarship launch: discover the next 100 artificial intelligence scientist

August 12, 2016 during the Global Summit on artificial intelligence and robotics, Xu Xiaoping, Yang Xiangyang, Liwei, Li Zhu and other well-known investors, Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) and well-known intellectuals, hentai and other agencies jointly launched, actually invested “2020 scholarship” was officially launched. The fellowship program is designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of artificial intelligence and robot, support science and technology pioneers. Disney case

Founder of Lei Feng Lin Jun, IEEE International Robotics and automation society of International Affairs Committee Chairman Zhu Xiaorui Dr Xu Xiaoping, integrity Fund founder and 7 other co-founder participated in the ceremony. Disney iPhone plus case

According to reports, the “2020 scholarship” by Lei Feng net other investment sector raised 20.2 million Yuan Fund, from today to 2020 for the national award of 100 in artificial intelligence and robotics to highlight student overseas scholarships to provide 200,000 yuan per person to support these outstanding students to study abroad for the world’s most cutting-edge technology, so as to create better products in this area.

Disney case

AIR 020 丨 2020 scholarship launch: discover the next 100 artificial intelligence scientist

Famous investor in China Xu Xiaoping said at the launch ceremony, artificial intelligence and robot there’s a word in the word: people, “all the world’s technological development, economic miracles of all people. Artificial intelligence developed to this level in recent years, which in itself is a miracle, and today the parliamentary city of Shenzhen is a miracle, miracles are made. Behind all of this without something that human a vision for science and technology. ”

Perhaps the most noteworthy Meizu MX 6 features

As smart phones into the “optimal solution” stage, configuration, performance, industrial design, and cost-effective construction of discourse systems allowed spectators numbness. Therefore, taking into account the input-output ratio, when “no” is not necessarily cost-effective, but certainly eye-catching. KENZO iPhone 6 Plus Case

Perhaps the most noteworthy Meizu MX 6 features

On July 19, the Meizu product launch, applause and cheers was the most intensive moments in midfield, MX 6 supports paid app fingerprint, Meizu CEO Bai Yongxiang was quoted as saying, “looks so beautiful. ”

Paid app fingerprint, a function does not need to explain, for a long time, is the iPhone, and mate only 7 of the privilege. In the “Millennium” background, the situation awkward.

As head of Meizu mobile payments project, Zou Jun full follow-up Meizu and micro-cooperation in paying by fingerprint. He said bilateral contacts actually started well from 2014, then thought about Pro launched 6. Delay now, more commercial restrictions.

On October 20, 2014, launched Apple Pay Apple product launches in the fall. Soon, the Meizu’s first carry fingerprint identification phone–MX 4 Pro release and launch mPay. Meizu to understand, if you want to achieve a similar experience, PayPal and the “two mountains” around.

Both have the will, but easier to take this matter forward with Alipay.

“PayPal was already has a ready-made fingerprint payment schemes, the app is still in an exploratory phase. ”

Of course, even though the Meizu and PayPal “you love me” is not enough:

“In the whole (mobile fingerprint payment) chain, mobile phone manufacturers, platform providers, TEE manufacturers, component suppliers, and payment platforms are not very familiar with this technology. ”

Limited energy, Meizu and micro-letters of cooperation have been largely put on hold, then tasted each time the contact.

Perhaps the most noteworthy Meizu MX 6 features

“Cooperate with PayPal’s development cycle for more than six months, the main difficulty is at the technical level. How to store fingerprints in TEE, how to call at TEE-safe interfaces, these are problems. ”

In fact, prior to this, PayPal has partnered with Huawei to achieve fingerprint payment.

Kenzo cover iPhone 6 plus

But Huawei cell phone chips and TEE belongs to independent research and development, the programme with its hardware, a high degree of coupling, which means that other vendors, almost no use of the programme.

In addition, Meizu TEE supplier is the United Kingdom’s trustonic, which also didn’t do a similar solution in China.

“TEE is a security system that is independent of Android. In this system, the outside world unable to juggle a few interface, access permissions is very low. ”

Difficult, but once approved no problem cannot be solved. On June 23, 2015, MX4 Pro universal experience after the firmware update, PayPal fingerprint payment functions online.

Until 4 months after the General solutions of the micro-a step further:

“(The app) now this package is based on the Android m, are offered a standard set of fingerprint payment interface in October last year. ”

Hardware coupling also have high micro mate with Huawei 7 launched in last May’s fingerprint payment, merchants cannot reference. Following the general approach, commercial games were placed came, even there was cooperation, Huawei has encountered a problem.

In March of this year, slightly senior to Meizu Zhuhai headquarters, talk details unknown. But then, Yang Yan announced in mid-March, Meizu restart app fingerprint payment scheme. Pro 6 is definitely missing, and MX 60% preferred.

“Cooperation with Alipay for half a year, we have accumulated a lot of TEE, fingerprint, security check the experience, so the dock app is relatively much easier. ”

However, a distinction between: Kenzo cover iPhone 6 plus

“Micro-the new programme emphasizes the security level, in every cell phone implanted in a different key, the need to adjust our production accordingly. ”

From the results, Meizu has become the third support Android handset vendors paid app fingerprint.

After the end of the Conference, Vice President of Meizu Linan told Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest), “Meizu brand in the future will support micro-paying by fingerprint. “However, Zou Jun said, follow-up will do some technical research” does not rule out one or two handsets will schedule failed to pick up. ”

In addition, there is a good news. According to Zou Jun said, after the next wave of new machines, the function is likely to be the plant’s trademark match.

A camera can not solve the problem then use two for a two camera you need to

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention): author of 7Tens, app public: ICshare sponsors.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Dual camera composition:

Highlights of the high-end smartphones less Lei Tutu-run has been unable to show the advantages of mobile phones. More aggressive twin-camera debut. It says dual cameras, is not like the old smart phone, a webcam before and after, but altogether after using two cameras, simulating human eyes to realize more photographic capabilities and better photographic effect.

In General, the current smart-phone camera interface is MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) interface. Mobile platforms before only 2 MIPI interfaces, respectively, to the front camera and camera. Dual cameras, requires the platform to support at least three MIPI interface. In the previous high-end platforms, in order to achieve higher pixels, has dual ISP (Image Signal Processing, image signal processing device), such as to support the 16M camera, the ISP will use 2-way 8M. This type of platform is likely to only 2 MIPI, but this could not prevent engineers from going to do before and after camera + dual cameras.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Dual camera application:

The problem is gone, two cameras can do?

1, dual camera range, distance-related applications

Human eye is easy to locate an object’s distance, but when people close one eye, positioning capability will drop a lot. Application of dual camera is to simulate the human eye. Simply put, distance measurement, is calculated by algorithm, was recorded with the camera left/right angle θ 1 and θ 2, coupled with the fixed value of y (that is, two Center distance of the camera), it is very easy to calculate the z value (the distance from the Camera).

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

But it’s also easy to calculate, if two cameras Center distance is too small, the distance will be calculated. If you want to calculate distance, the distance must be left and right camera remote.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these
A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these
A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

As shown above, due to the dual cameras through the algorithm, can determine the subject distance, so this feature, it’s easy to make some special effects, such as:

A, background blur

SLR cameras are one of the most outstanding feature is a large aperture. Due to the dual cameras can detect objects photographed different distances, the need for large aperture of the object into other objects at different distances blur, you can easily achieve large aperture effects.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

(Original image)   

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

(Belle-centric focus, blur the background, and mushrooms on hand)

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

(A mushroom-centric focus, blur the background and beauty)

B, by replacing the   

Because you can measure distance, can be extracted photographed objects in the main, the replacement of background, it can be simpler than the PS, cutout.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these
A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

C, background effects

Since you can cutout, just for background processing, is very easy. For example, the figure with the sketch effects.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

D, measure distance

This figure is obviously identify different object distances, this distance information is marked with a different color. When the AP gained a different distance information, you can achieve the above functions.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

2, dual cameras have optical zoom

Optical zoom is mainly about the camera uses a different FOV (view), two cameras for the scene is different. When they need a wide angle photo, use perspectives to 85 degrees and the left camera shooting, get a wide-angle effect. When you need a telephoto pictures, with the right camera angle is 45 degrees for the scene, get a telephoto effect.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

In order to make the camera objects overlap and high optical zoom dual camera module not distance cameras of modules that distance is too large, but putting cameras around the closer, the better.

If the two Camera’s FOV is not the same, a large FOV, and a smaller FOV, and algorithm between two optical lens effects, making it easy to achieve optical zoom.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these
A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Without dual cameras, after you zoom in the picture, the text is not clear

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

If using two cameras, after you zoom in the picture, the text remains unclear

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

This figure is the mix of wide angle and telephoto, through the algorithm to calculate the Middle photo, detail without distortion

3, dark light effect

In General, low light enhancement is in two cameras: RGBG standard for a camera, a black and white camera get rid of RGBG filters. RGBG used to get the object’s color, and black and white cameras to get better light, judged to be objects of light intensity. Then two images merge in order to obtain better low light enhancement.

There are currently two methods of integration:

Picture in black and white as the main body, gets the color of each pixel on a color picture affixed to a black and white picture and two pictures together.

To body with color pictures, black and white pictures get each image’s intensity compensation to color photos, two pictures together.

As to which method is the more appropriate integration may be benevolent, it would not be in this discussion.

Similarly, did the enhancement, in order to make the camera objects overlap and high, such double camera module is the closer, the better.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Need to explain things, and Huawei P9 is the way the selection of modules

Of course, some industry insiders say this algorithm is currently doing the effect is not obvious. Low light compensation to the user really helps, especially at night time. But some customers think that Sony and Samsung’s Dual PD technology very well, more willing to do with Dual PD camera low light compensation.

What is dual camera Dual PD good low light compensation effect, we can compare the Huawei P9 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, you will have the answer.

The general use of color + black and white cameras. Through black and white cameras to get pictures of the light intensity to low light compensation to the picture.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

4, 3D shooting and 3D modeling

3D algorithm and distance shooting and 3D modeling application is similar, except that it needs higher precision, sometimes even need more accurate distance with infrared distance judgment.

Mentioned double camera of algorithm, had to mentioned ISP (Image Signal Processing image signal processing device), ISP main role is on front-end image sensor output of signal do late processing, main function has linear corrected, and noise removal, and bad points removal, and within plug, and white balance, and automatically exposure control,, rely on Yu ISP to in different of optical conditions Xia are can better of restore site details, ISP technology in is big degree Shang decided has phone of imaging quality.

Function machine era, ISP is doing on the cameras, megapixel cameras with different properties of different ISP. With the cellphone camera pixels and higher, increasing demand for the ISP if the ISP to be integrated on the camera Sensor, will inevitably cause the camera module is too large and even the photographic effect. So the age of intelligent machines, ISP is on a main chip SoC. Some brands in order to achieve better results, even at cost plus an ISP used to achieve better and more professional photographic effect.

Good algorithm needs to match for the camera ISP,ISP and algorithms are complementary and indispensable. Two cameras on the ISP performance requires more. First, in order to make left and right camera signal can be processed at one ISP has been unable to meet the needs of two cameras. This requires dual ISP to implement this functionality.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

In low light enhancement, for example, color/black and white image into separate ISP and calibration channels and two pairs of pictures do match (for example, two pictures of the same part extract, remove only the parts of a camera), and then by blocking, detection, algorithms such as compensation-related pictures. Finally, two images blend together, color enhancement. ISP coordination algorithm for actually doing things, of course, far more than this picture says.

Of course, there is also a small episode in this. Are two ISP, how many there are two ISP processing speed, dealing with different issues. In order to ensure both the ISP can be sampled at the same time, you need two cameras shoot out of the picture is taken at the same time. One solution is to give the Sensor a synchronization signal pins. Two camera sync dock, always read a picture, play previous timestamp pictures, ISP by timestamp, ensure the camera around from photos taken at the same time, and eventually fusing.

Different from the 3D movie shoot. Two on the phone during the filming of the camera is not in the image there is sufficient visual difference, this is due to the distance between the two cameras and eyes are not the same. And in order to make it more obvious to get 3D visual effects. Algorithms often need to be enhanced.

Because you can measure distance, subsequent dual cameras not only 3D photography, 3D modeling can also, by this time, I think the importance of dual camera is more important.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Others are increased, such as HDR, increased resolution, these functions are in fact camera can achieve, just two cameras can be made better, does not list them.


For now, these functions are the most common function dual camera mobile phone. Background blur/replace Dim light effects give users a more photographic effect; optical zoom lets us feel the Zoom camera; but I think the future is the most exciting 3D features.

VR so popular this year, where VR material? Also have to rely on dual camera algorithm optimization. If the algorithm of 3D and modeling for the camera mature, will make two cameras are becoming more popular.

Dual camera chain:

Former US dual camera application and principle. Says dual cameras for now we will focus on the industrial chain.

Algorithm 1, dual camera suppliers

Algorithm is needed with ISP coordination, so the algorithm and ISP are complementary, the algorithm well, there must be a good ISP.

As the primary platform vendor, Qualcomm and mediatek have their own ISP, so their dual camera algorithm is developed. The algorithm for better or worse, remains the market testing. disney iPad cases

As a supplier of Sensor, Sony, Samsung, OV is also actively developing double perturbation algorithm, also did not see mass production of products for the time being. But in a functional era, there is no ISP. When the Camera sensor vendors do 2M/5M, have to match their ISP, so the experience of these suppliers is your ISP. Development algorithm of dual cameras, relatively speaking, has relevant experience.

Apple last year bought Linx, patents and algorithm also has a number of cameras, whether in their dual-camera models, just watch this year’s iPhone7. Theory, said Linx has plenty of algorithms, so Apple is not to large IP authorization to buy dual cameras.

In addition to these platforms, sensor suppliers and Smartphone brands outside the Chamber of Commerce’s own algorithm for dual cameras, other vendors we enumerate:

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Founded in 1996 in Taiwan huajing, developing independent ISP chip. Some high-end cell phones, cameras and in-car in their ISP cases. Dual camera cell phone in their ISP. Distance applications, optical zoom and low light compensation is made.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

An Israel company. Its main advantages on the optical zoom and low light compensation. Depth of field, there is some research. Judging from the media, hTC uses its algorithms.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Rainbow soft was established in 1994, the headquarters in the United States in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing Technology Center. Rainbow soft strength is the optical zoom and low light compensation. In previous second optical Jiao Tu figure came from Rainbow soft light and dark added. Disney case

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Shanghai XING core is a company that was founded in 2011, image processor is mainly engaged in research and development, the current products are mainly used in the automotive market. Independent ISP do few research and development company, is currently developing two cameras algorithms and ISP. After the dual camera market, X-Chip will be a potential dark horse.

Dual camera is just out, so the algorithm, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However have launched dual camera cell phone from the current results, the algorithm needs to be improved. After various algorithms such as will going to make dual camera mobile phone standard.

2, dual-camera sensor vendors

Due to the dual camera when taking pictures, you need two cameras synchronizing timestamps, which requires Camera Sensor sync signal. Currently, this synchronization signal sensor supplier Sony, Samsung, and OV, Geke micro. So dual-camera Sensor is mainly used this product.

3, dual camera module suppliers

Dual camera module can now do many, light Sapphire, sunny, truly, Namuga, O-Film, Samsung Electronics, the dome of titanium. But mass production experience is mainly Lite, sunny and Lee. Huawei models mainly used up the treasure He Shunyu modules. Electrical and mechanical O-Film and Samsung, with its powerful workstations and now headed off to double camera module field. Namuga is the company to maintain a good relationship with the algorithm, and Samsung mobile phone suppliers, also in the field with double camera module.

Don’t depend on modules but different functions. We continued taking above said four functions, for example:

Application of distance, general practice, large cameras, common camera specifications such as 13M+2M,13M+5M. The following figure:

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Or just put some distance in two cameras, as follows:

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

This two ways, to better calculation are subject to lens distance.

Optical zoom dual camera modules, most notably two cameras require different FOV, similar to the image below:

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Different FOV, taken out of focus is different, algorithm, optical zoom will be achieved.   

Low light enhancement, through a full color RGB camera + a MONO black and white cameras for filming, as shown below:

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

Algorithm, primarily through black and white to the right of the camera reads the amount of light, to compensate for the left color RGB camera.

3D photography and modeling modules associated with distance in this way is somewhat similar. 3D distances require a high degree of precision. In that case, a distance between the two cameras placed farther apart, and even some will use additional infrared-assisted positioning to achieve the distance measurement, ultimate 3D shooting and role modeling.

Dual camera module made of difficulties:

Dual-camera approach, generally, there are two kinds: common base plate, or total support. The following figure:

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

If total substrate, is to put together two Camera Sensor in the same substrate, then a FPC substrate. If the total support, as shown above, through the bracket securing the Sensor, each Sensor has its own Board and its own FPC.

Advantages of common base plate: the two Sensor can sit on the same plate, and is falling.

Total substrate shortcomings: low yields, resulting in expensive.

The advantages of total support: high yield, price is good.

Total support weaknesses: because two independent Sensor module AA calibration is needed to make it in the same plane, difficulty, resistance to bad fall.

In summary both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, at present only by way of common substrates in Huawei is. But either way, the current yield is low, so the cost is very high.

Two cameras in the future:

Disney case

If improved, modules yield increase, two cameras there are many advantages to what is worth doing.

But because of the different functional modules display requirements are different, two cameras now, may not meet the requirements of everyone on camera.

When Google launched Project Tango, wisely proposed a three-camera concept: when a distance measurement and 3D modeling when needed, can be represented by a travel distance of the camera optical zoom and low light compensation can use two close shots. Even this Depth Sense to combine infrared, more accurate measurement of distances.

A camera can not solve the problem, then use two: for a two-camera you need to understand these

In any case, with the evolution of algorithm for dual cameras, increased demand for VR, cameras play an increasing role. Dual camera, even after the first dual camera + three camera phone, the next two years are likely to become more common.

How to use data to make threat information Hard to create open class

In today’s increasingly tough network security problems, the Internet brings convenience to people as well as many “troubles”, such as information leakage, data theft, tampering with added delete, data, computer viruses, and so on. In order to solve more complex problems, and create a more secure network environment, data technologies started to be white hat is used to gather and analyze asset information in the Internet, and correlation analysis of the data, to analyze data from a high-level perspective.

Why safety data on the Internet Security plays an important role? How to make full use of the data collected data and information to improve network security? now often mentioned in network security threat intelligence is what? Why threat intelligence to do white hat?

In order to solve these problems, we have white-hat Hui Liu, co-founder, for us to fully explain the white hat is now the cutting edge technology.

Guest introduction

Liu Yu

White hat meeting co-founder. 2004 graduated from the Hunan University School of computer communications. Microsoft MCSEC,MCDBA,MCP certificate in the information security industry for 7 years. 2009 with Zhao (zwell) came together to form the Connaught Cup technology, responsible for pangolins, Draconis thoughts billion think sales and marketing. Millions of thoughts is the world’s first online Web application security scanner in 2011, with tens of thousands of business users. In 2015, the founder of white hat meeting joint.

Details of the event:

Date: Monday, July 11, 2016 3 o’clock in the afternoon MIU MIU case MIU MIU iPhone 6s

Participation: scan QR poster, concerned about the public register

MIU MIU case

Foreign media comment on global top 50 most intelligent technology companies

Beijing on June 22 morning news, United States media of the MIT Technology review recently selected the 50 “most intelligent” technology company. A number of Chinese companies to go beyond Japanese and Korean companies, stands at the forefront.

Two Chinese companies in the top ten of them, namely, Baidu (second place) and Huawei (tenth place). By contrast, in 2015, 3 Chinese companies in the top ten, and 2014, without a top.

Baidu and the company has been committed to developing innovative technology and efficient business models to promote the commercialization of products. Baidu relies on California’s research and engineering team to develop unmanned technologies. But with the grip of the high and low end of the market as the world’s third-largest mobile phone vendor.

Improvement of Chinese enterprises ranking in this list, mark the rapid development of science and technology of China. This shows that more and more Chinese companies are starting from imitation to innovation. Another media launched the fast company 50 innovative business directory in the e-commerce giant Alibaba followed by Apple, Google ranks third.

As the world’s second-largest economy, China from imitator to innovator shift is in line with rising international economic status. Japan became the second-largest economy in the last century 80 ‘s is followed by Japan in the global rankings on the rise.

  PS: the MIT Technology review, 50 “most intelligent” technology company

  1 Amazon

  2 Baidu

  3 Illumina

  4 Tesla Motors

  5 Aquion Energy

  6 Mobileye

  7 23andMe

  8 Alphabet

  9 Spark Therapeutics

  10 Huawei

  11 First Solar

  12 Nvidia

  13 Cellectis

  14 Enlitic

  15 Facebook

Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

  16 SpaceX

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Xinjiang upgrade DJI Care introduction of third party liability insurance for

In September last year, Xinjiang’s first Internet Chung on insurance, insurance companies, within the United Nations, launched a “Wu Inspire1”–DJI Care service plan model UAV. Service has been covering its Elf series, as well as Wu range.

Moschino Case

According to the Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention) was informed that Xinjiang will soon upgrade the DJI Care. Upgraded parts include: each DJI Care were given a third party liability insurance; domestic non-contentious cases maintenance for no more than 3 business days; provide new and replacement services; logistics costs are borne by DJI.

Which third party responsibility insurance (remote control model personal responsibility insurance) is refers to in user purchase DJI Care Hou by big Xinjiang for its insured of, in insurance during within, user using, and control remote control model of process in the, for accident accident caused third party of personal casualties or property loss of, according to People’s Republic of China legal (not including Hong Kong, and Macau and the Taiwan legal), insurer according to insurance contract agreed is responsible for compensation of insurance species. Jiang Wang Fan, Director of public relations, said Chung on insurance, this is a big joint of Xinjiang trans-border cooperation, introduction of third party liability insurance for the first time, all no dead protect the interests of consumers.

New replacement service refers, after sale maintenance level, if the aircraft was damaged, maintenance costs are high, big frontier recommended users directly for new machines, provided that the related costs less than the DJI Care the remaining lines. New big frontier is a discount of the price of the machine, and DJI Care Insurance the price is far below the market price of drones, so a good deal, but if the remaining lines still exceeds the DJI Care that falls outside the part paid by the users themselves. Moschino case for iPhone 6

It is learnt that the DJI Care pricing unchanged, and 618 are activities, semi-annual price and enjoy a year of insurance services.

Big Xinjiang of DJI Care since launched has has near one years time, Wang Fan said DJI Care value-added service just released Shi, this new things need a time to let general user to awareness, and understanding and Digest, so early promotion stage big Xinjiang made has is big efforts, zhihou with time over, increasingly more new old user awareness to insurance service of benefits, so DJI Care also slowly on has express road. Moschino Case


Xinjiang upgrade DJI Care, introduction of third party liability insurance for the first time, support the trade-in
Xinjiang upgrade DJI Care, introduction of third party liability insurance for the first time, support the trade-in

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Moto 360

MOTO 360 since launch attracted the attention of many, not only because it is a member of Android Wear starting, but also because of its retro and sophisticated appearance design and excellent workmanship. Good design also makes it standout in the ranks of smart watches.

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Google VR platform has been launched on the market a month but there is no phone

Google VR platform has been launched on the market a month but there is no phone support

Lenovo has just released the PHAB2 Pro smart phone is the world’s first Smartphone with Google’s Tango technology, but will not support Google’s Daydream VR projects.

Asked this with augmented reality capabilities support on your cell phone when you Daydream, Lenovo said: “the mobile phone does not support Daydream. We Daydream had already started to develop before it is published. However, Lenovo will certainly consider Daydream devices in the future. ”

Huawei said last week that the company this year will fall first Daydream VR-enabled mobile phones. Judging from the present situation, first non-Nexus support Daydream VR-phone cannot be released before the end of June.

PHAB2 Pro can run augmented reality apps and games, but it does not support Daydream VR is not surprising. When announced at the Google I/O Developer Conference Daydream VR project, the company announced the list of compatible with the system of smartphone maker, owned by Lenovo and Motorola are not included in the list.

However, the Association said the company would consider Daydrema equipment, so I do not rule out supporting Daydream late next year. Daydream VR,Android device must be running Android to run n system, equipped with a Super AMOLED display, and may have to ARM new Cortex-A73 processors and Mali G71 GPU–which is designed for Daydream VR and augmented reality content.

“We are very pleased to work with Google to ensure that the Mali GPU video and display processor to Daydream on the platform provides the ultimate mobile virtual reality experience. In addition, the ARM has been working in cooperation with a number of leading chip partners, published the first Daydream-enabled devices. “ARM spokesman said. Lenovo is about contact with the ARM, is unknown.

X-DORIA iWatch cover

If not run Daydream VR,PHAB2 Pro can still achieve a lot of functionality to an existing Smartphone cannot be achieved. This phone is priced at US $ 499, the user cannot use the phone to run applications of augmented reality and virtual games such as dominoes, but experience augmented reality Museum can be applied through the GuidiGo function. X-DORIA iWatch cover

Through a partnership with home improvement company PHAB2 Pro, PHAB2 Pro can also help users of virtual reality technology to understand the new furniture and products in the room effect. The phone also has a view deeply knowing, learning and action tracking and other functions, and virtualization of the surrounding environment, and identifies a variety of surfaces and obstacles.

Source: SINA

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Atsmart smart home kits

Micro letter (install APP) + home + smart suit = ATSMART intelligent life

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Asus will launch next year AR products

Taiwan electronics manufacturer ASUS has developed an augmented reality products, similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens headset. According to ASUS CEO Shen Zhenlai, ASUS company’s augmented reality products because of higher demand changes temporarily delayed the planned next on display at the international consumer electronics show CES, and will also display a virtual reality products. November 2015 at the earliest, there are reports that ASUS wanted to work with Microsoft, developed a cheap version of HoloLens augmented reality head-mounted device (Microsoft prefers to call mixed reality headset). The HoloLens and developers of Microsoft, priced at $ 3000. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

HoloLens holographic glasses

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HoloLens holographic glasses Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Based on Microsoft’s years of accumulated technology and development, the HoloLens did for real-world scenarios and natural gesture tracking, understanding and modeling, and real-time rendering of virtual worlds and overlay (at least). Once this step is achieved, is to subvert his Phone’s core competencies.

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Glasses free 3D mobile phones out to buy or not to buy

Human 70%-80% information acquisition from Visual, 3D glasses, 3D, head-mounted virtual reality helmet technology, reflecting people’s unremitting pursuit for reproducing Visual images.

Recently, the network reporter experience several effects of Lei Feng “inflated expectations” glasses-free 3D device, can’t help but wonder: had the glasses-free 3D technology with the development of liquid crystal displays and renowned, how are you today? What technological breakthroughs have been achieved? What are the market prospects?

Current glasses-free 3D devices what is the difference? Those years slip away from us, “tide”

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

HTC EVO 3D phones 2011

4.3-inch screen, born in HTC the best of times, is one of the reasons the computer not glasses-free 3D viewing angle is too small, when playing games, sometimes no 3D effects. Another reason is that the 3D depth of field shallow, so the results are not good enough.

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Nintendo 3DS game machine, 2011

It’s popular all over the world, is the most representative of consumer 3D products, global sales of billions of dollars, then, Nintendo launched the big-screen versions of the 3DS, 3DS LL/XL.

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Toshiba laptop F750,2011

Use of a front-facing camera for facial capture, is not caught on.

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Hisense 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV, 2012

Cooperation with the BoE, supports both 2D and 3D modes of play, 2D 4K resolution, so what?

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Amazon Fire Phone,2014

It is the biggest attractions have “dynamic view” feature phone 4 on the front of a camera and a gyroscope to track a user’s movement, and then the operating system UI can be adjusted to achieve the depth information of the 3D display.

Current equipment and the glasses-free 3D devices differ?

Recently, Lei Feng network reporter in Maker Fire exhibition Shang experience has several naked 3D equipment, respectively is rich visual naked 3D phone M550 3D, and Super multidimensional 3D BOX; also, PPTV claimed also in development naked 3D phone, given itself content resources, build “Pocket theater”; and from Netherlands of Stream TV Networks company is said they development has a paragraph has 140 degrees wide-angle vision of naked 3D TV. So now these devices with the glasses-free 3D devices differ?

Many glasses-free 3D equipment is through filters, polarizing approach combined with the monitor, can lead to problems such as double vision, dizziness, dark side of the screen. Because the technology is not mature, the screen also prone to “moire” (high frequency interference sensor, makes the picture appear high frequency color fringes).


In addition, when the glasses-free 3D technology needs human eyes adapt to the device, viewed at a specific angle, angle, 3D effect was gone.

Super multidimensional (SuperD) of President Xu Peizhen to Lei Feng network (search “Lei Feng network” public, concern) reporter do has above science, Super multidimensional is a from Shenzhen of naked 3D solution programme provides business, in naked 3D field deep ten years, now with mobile Internet times of coming, they began and phone terminal manufacturer, and content developers for cooperation, volume produced mobile of of equipment.

Current glasses-free 3D display technologies, computer vision technology can be used for tracking and then through the algorithm for real-time rendering and 3D display screen, “devices to suit the face”, simply put, you do not need any specific limitations, normal use of mobile phones. Compared with the past single market perspective and horizon technology breakthrough.


Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

InFocus M550 3D

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Snail W3D

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Ultra-D TV

At present, the hyper-cube and the InFocus (InFocus) to produce smart phones M550-d, technological cooperation with snail snail game mobile phones (W3D), the hyper-dimensional glasses-free 3D technology, handles key integration with the Android system, target user locking depth for gamers.

M550 3D with a 5.5-inch full HD screen, other configurations are now high-end Android phones mainstream level, has been in Taiwan listed, priced at NT $ 8999 in July or August and is expected to be listed on the Mainland, priced at 2499. The price, compared to domestic are pitched battle price range of 1000-2000 Yuan, slightly higher.

Costs are mainly 3D pixel shader chips added and the use of 3D liquid crystal lens, and mass production is expected to decrease prices after. OtterBox iPad Mini Case

When asked when Lei feng’s net sales, Xu Peizhen tells us, M550 3D in Taiwan listed more than a month, and currently has “sold out”, this appears to be good news.

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Super cube 3D BOX

Also, for open iOS market, Super multidimensional also independent development has a paragraph naked 3D displayed accessories–3D Box, it used folding type design, and half through half anti-type 3D displayed principle create has suspended permeability sense of naked 3D visual effect, through Bluetooth and the WiFi technology and General phone achieved connection, using phone for control, in its screen Shang play 3D video, and run 3D game or using 3D App application. OtterBox iPad Mini Case

Who knows, this is a content and platform wars era

3D equipment is not universal, and lack of content has a lot to do with it.

Glasses-free 3D technology as a basis, has had a breakthrough. Main factors restricting the development of it, from technology transfer to the industry’s consolidation, particularly in the movies, games and other content offerings.

Dabbled in 3D uSens COO Chi told Lei Feng in the field of network bottlenecks are mainly of glasses-free 3D content production, shooting high cost display exists on the effect of shear (that is, persons in the process of moving, the picture obviously hopping, in Vegas found out earlier this year, but still not ideal), and so on.

In addition, screen, depth of field, 3D effects, and there is a gap compared to other display technologies, also traditional in interactive mode.

Ultra-multi-dimensional approach is working with Hollywood film licensing and build their own content platforms–3D Store, including 3D video, 3D gaming and 3D applications, such as 3D, 3D weather photos and so on. In addition, for developers to develop, submit, promote, statistical analysis, realisation of the full range of services.

Glasses-free 3D is not mature now, in addition to providing online platform, open SDK, hyper-cube 3D app store developers will also provide capital, sites, information consultation, coaching, team development, business incubation services.

For the moment, “pragmatism” the developer market, seemed device popularity, user activity, clear revenue model will be attracted to them, glasses-free 3D into the mobile space will be a good choice, but there is still a long way to go.

So, glasses-free 3D technology, what are the prospects? Glasses-free 3D-enabled phones you can’t buy?

Since the beginning of Android phones universal, as it uses the same system, Android mobile phone manufacturers are trying to compete by hardware parameters to highlight their flagship product. In the event of major manufacturers, more nuclear, higher clock speed, more RAM, bigger screen, higher PPI as its main selling point.

 D to the naked eye, possibly as embroiled in a homogenization of troubled mobile phone manufacturer to bring new ideas of differentiation.

But there are people in the industry told us that 3D displays could determine the future of smartphones, as well as a key element, is a 3D touch technology can improve in time with compatible 3D display.

 With 3D visual effect only on a mobile phone, the user demand is not great.


Until 3D touch technology (touch feeling control technology) perfect has, Visual technology of needs on will was led up, then not now many people expected of as only in movie and game aspects needs will compared strongly, 3D Visual combined touch technology in some tool App, and remote control, and medical, and actual contact (piano key), and people and people communication of when will excavations out infinite of user needs.

Seamless docking with VR/AR?


Glasses-free 3D combined with a mobile device, seems to be a good direction. In the interview process, Lei feng’s reporter also found an interesting phenomenon, some dabbled in glasses-free 3D technology entrepreneurs, are now in the VR\AR domain, which is what kind of relationship between the two?

Xu Peizhen tells us, location tracking, real-time rendering, three dimensional imaging is the core meaning of VR, which is super-multi years deep, has many areas of patent technology. But VR\AR is still in the early industry, software and hardware and content are not “ready”, takes years of precipitation.

In this regard, has developed over-holographic display technology Deprh-VR CTO Li Jin tells us:

Whether it is polarised glasses 3D glasses-d and its ornamental areas only as big screen (screen vision coverage are usually only 60-90), to the consumer feels like looking through the window of the outside; VR does have a full 360-degree field of vision, you can give the feeling of creating fully immersed in a virtual world.


Glasses-free 3D in the advertising industry might make a difference: imagine that you go through a bus station, see flat advertising but the icing is no longer very strong glasses-free 3D animation, the recency of this device must be billboards a lot higher than it is now.

Fei Yue participated in Amazon Fire Phone research and development (now the CTO of Silicon Valley’s virtual reality team uSens) were of the view that most successful commercial application of glasses-free 3D handheld 3DS is Nintendo’s games, but on the whole, to enhance the user experience is not large enough, you can call it “pseudo”.

3D people begging, needs to meet many conditions; that’s disappointing, only because equipment and a resolution, comfort, angle, one of the reasons. 2011, 2012 the glasses-free 3D device, although thanks to the popularity of the movie avatar and get noticed, but did not have a real impact. New and more mature of glasses-free 3D technology equipment, whether for competitive differentiation brought new tipping point of the phone? Virtual reality (VR, Virtual Reality) and augmented reality (AR,Augmented Reality) technology development, can generate more opportunities for glasses-free 3D?

I write to you, I’m a little confused, I just want to ask a question: so, with the glasses-free 3D-enabled phones you can’t buy?

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?


Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?
Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

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Apple Watch

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Apple Watch

But Apple Watch after a few days I feel, watch the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Interaction on the watch is not only faster and less bother than phone to social, Apple Watch has another hidden benefit: it than phones are less likely to indulge in.
In such a small screen, you can’t do anything, so I don’t have that feeling of being sucked and they get lost in electronic equipment. To me, that’s the biggest difference between Apple Watch and mobile phone. Until now, Apple Watch is pure business, aim is purely to improve productivity. For some users, this point may be worth hundreds of dollars in price.

OtterBox iPad Mini Case

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