Method and steps of yuxian

Wei not only for its beautiful grasslands and the air too attract many visitors, is the Ministry of culture named “folk art village”, yuxian of China is defined as “national gift boutique”. Throughout the country a wide variety of folk paper-cut in the yuxian unique, because it is the only incised of color paper-cut, namely sculpture using thin rice paper, then dyed with bright colors. This paper-cutting odd odd odd composition, engraving, color, full screen round, witty and lively, embodies the contradictions in the harmony. Forms with special attention to capture the objects portray the image of a form of life, making it a dynamic, fun proudly.

  ”Three knife seven stained”, Wei introduced, no color, no yuxian, no color characteristics there is no special style of yuxian. Yuxian stain much gaudy and harmony, at first green, carefully taste, various cold mix is very harmonious and natural coloring, and pleasing, no tacky feeling.   It is this unique expression of color, creating a yuxian bright brilliant picture, to entertainment for artistic effect.

For beginners who look at cutting production steps are very helpful.    

Method and steps of yuxian

 1, the drafting: 

Idea OK, drafting the layout, specifically on the image description, drawing black and white effect. Modifications available white powder. For beginners, articles to the finer, more energy-efficient. If symmetric notes, draw halfway.

2, cut, cut: 

Cut with a knife. Must will picture and paper with stapler set good, will corners fixed in wax disc Shang, to guarantee image of accurate, characters first carved features part, bird first carved details or critical at, again by Center slowly to around carved, knife of order like wrote as by Shang to Xia, by left to right, by small to big, by fine to rough, by local to overall.     Avoid duplicate knives, not parts must be broken and cannot be torn by hand, or cutting burrs and affect the appearance.  3, open: Shaanxi folk paper cutting farming culture of

Cut carved finished Hou need put cut a Zhang Zhang opened, single rice paper and powder even paper, for paper quality thin, and by stuffy tide and paint, easy each other adhesion, more difficult opened, so in opening away from zhiqian, must first will carved good of cardboard gently rubbing moving, makes paper each other from, then first will first Zhang paper angle gently opening up, side opening side with mouth blow, help opened. 

4, paste: 

Unveiled its complete also the finished paste, easy to save. Method has two species, first is put cut flat put in supporting paper Shang, with brush or fine wood article dipped paste by in to outside little stick, this method cannot makes cut all stick flat, speed also compared slow, advantages is compared simple; second is put cut in turn flat put in paper Shang, then with brush dipped adjustable dilute has of paste, gently to flat brush in to supporting of paper Shang, note don’t put paper brush wrinkle up, brush Shang of paste must to less, then soon to put brush good paste of this side buckle collection in cut of back, with hand gently pressure flat, Make decoupage on all flat, glued to the paper. Lift gently to dry clip saved.    Adhesive remover paste, a white LaTeX as well.

5, product modifications: 

Sometimes go with engraved knife, it is not easy to fix, dye is not covered by the wrong color paper-cutting, only drop a fresh start to develop, so no matter when the knife, or in the wood would have to be very careful, meticulous, a success. 

6, replication-aromatherapy-the Sun 

Copy in two ways, one is to cut down on the white, flat on the water, water-soaked paper, and when I am without water, paper and white paper also pulled out of the water, stick it onto the wood, and then steam the paper face-down on the oil, but not too close to the lamp so as not to burn. If you need a lot of production, blueprint’s measures can be taken: the original is issued and a good brush a layer of liquid (solution of potassium ferricyanide and water) white paper, glued together, with two glass clamp on Sun 314 hours, washed with water solution on paper developed to copy.

Method and steps of yuxian

Hebei yuxian folk paper-cutting process: 

      Yuxian, has a long history. Characteristics of yuxian, focused on “three knife seven stained”. Its unique process,

The first step is to “smoke-like”, that is, sketch of the original pattern or design, on a piece of white paper, then light the candle smoke, make it white paper left a clear “black.” Now the process has been used printing methods.

The second step is to “men” is carved grilles with rice paper cut into the frame size to be engraved, because the layer is usually 30 to 50, so wet with water by hand compaction, which form a whole, to be engraved.

The third step is engraved. Replaced by paper-cutting scissors, Wei kedao, the advantage lies not only in the quantity produced, and more important is that knife to develop the artist’s art ideas, free lesson hour. In the artist’s hand, a knife as flexible as a pen. Knife-single pole, triangle, round mouth-nosed. Engraving with incised, and carved or combination of yin and Yang, making works of exquisitely carved, layered.

The fourth step is colored, art jargon of wood. Dyed the color blending with wine in advance, because the raw material is paper, color can make color infiltration and penetration with wine, excellent color effect. Concentrated light shade contrast, renders properly, strong translucency and icing. Therefore, yuxian “three knife seven stained” said.

Method and steps of yuxian

Hebei yuxian folk paper-cut

    Gu, Wei said Weizhou, located in the northwestern part of Hebei province, about 200 kilometers away from Beijing, is located in the Hebei-Shanxi-junction, North of Inner Mongolia, Hebei province is the first historical city. 1991 was China Ministry of culture named for “China folk art of Xiang–cut of Xiang”, August 2003, China Federation and the China Civil literary Home Association and named Wei for “China cut art of Xiang”, 2006 State announced of first non-material culture heritage in the, Wei cut in cut category ranked first items, October 2009, United Nations UNESCO organization will to Wei cut for representative of China cut included human non-material culture heritage directory, became world level non-material culture heritage, Yuxian have become China’s folk culture, is designated as a national gift.

    “Yuxian”, Wei was born in the area, with water absorption better paper stock such as rice paper, special hand process after manual engraving and color stain with a brush made of a paper-cut art species.

    It of main features is color dyed, colorful, colorful of color for cut gives has powerful of vitality, looks more as a site beautiful of pictures, so, in national cut four genre (Northwest, and South, and Guangdong, and Wei) in the, Wei cut to she beautiful of charm, and unique of style and exclusive faction, in cut territories unique, deeply people of love, sold Europe, and Southeast Asia States, became people home decorative, and gift relatives and various social activities souvenir of fine civil crafts.