Solving electricity problems Rome official EnCase and cable testing

Smartphone since its birth, with the development of science and technology and the times, every technological innovations contributed to greatly improve the performance of smartphones. But much to our regret, we are still unable to bathe in the area of mobile power to the technological change brought about by the “Spring Breeze”.

Although occasionally there will be some relevant aspects of the “black science”, but also for a variety of reasons cannot be universal and mass production and application. Charging Bao and other products to “bow”, like a Savior in General. As has been focusing on mobile phone accessories ROMOSS Roman official, sought the use of popular on the iPhone and Android phones “pain points” in 2016, has introduced a number of very useful mobile phone accessories.

Luo Mashi today brought us two versions of products closely associated with mobile phone-Rome official EnCase 6 (4.7-inch) rear clip battery and RoLink Hybrid in one data line. It is easy to see, these two products separately to solve iPhone cell phone battery life and the pain points of Android data cable connected.

Roman official EnCase there are antique white, red, Midnight blue, cherry blossom pink, China four color schemes

X-DORIA iWatch frame

This time we received the Roman official EnCase the iPhone 6/6S version, of course, also supports the 6/6S Plus 5.5-inch version, cat’s official price is 99. Shi EnCase adhering on the external packaging of Rome Rome has long been the official Kraft minimalist style. Color provides four, namely, antique white, red, Midnight blue, cherry powder, the charging function on the basis of, gives Apple a more personalized options. After replacing four shell integrated, editing personal preferences in China Red, and pink is for girls is equipped with.

Lightweight portable detail workmanship quality guarantee

Next, we look at product details, Roman official EnCase the whole soft materials materials very attentively, edge package and the core battery parts very carefully, and there were no left hand or the phenomenon of uneven crop. Benefit of a good package, when combined with the iPhone 6S can get all-round protection, reducing fall injuries for mobile.

Lightning interface details

In addition, the Roman official EnCase the headphone jack, speaker openings, volume button raised, Lightning interface, rear camera opening is good fit with iPhone 6S. After measuring, Roman Shi EnCase+iPhone 6S 13mm, 68 grams in weight, while increasing the thickness of the iPhone hold, but more light weight is acceptable, use the back clip battery more demand is, after all, in order to increase the battery life. iWatch Case

Roman official EnCase dorsal battery indicator buttons and LEDs

Compared with the traditional protective shells, Roman official EnCase the biggest bright spot is the lower-right corner of the power button and led, lightly click the led next to the power button you can clearly see the back clip battery charge remaining. When connected the phone, long press the power button to charge the phone immediately, not dazzling lights and more, press the relatively flat, so the blind open, you may not be able to find the first time.

Roman official EnCase detail work good

Headphone jack on the bottom of the fuselage and the charging port

Roman official EnCase built-in hidden magnetic stickers

In addition, the Roman official EnCase built-in hidden magnetic stickers make it even when driving, convenient operation can also phone. Shi EnCase the overall details of Rome is very good, if it is to put phone back battery is removed is not an easy task, because the package is relatively strict, so shelling operation will take some effort.

Roman official EnCase directly can be recharged by an external Lightning

Measured step, we will start by looking at the battery parameters, today this section of the test adapter model is iPhone 6S, Plus models in addition to size, capacity and no difference. Although the Lightning as a plug, but it only supports iPhone 6 and above, and also have Lightning plug iPhone 5 you can not use this back clip battery. Roman official EnCase a capacity of 2000 mAh, maximum input 5V 1 a, maximum output is 5V 1 a.

Roman official EnCase 6S/6S Plus back clip battery

In terms of charging efficiency iPhone 6 to edit, for example, the battery capacity is 1810mAh, Roman official EnCase can be extended by 85% power. After testing, the back clip battery when to charge mobile phones, can be recharged within 30 minutes 25% of electricity, because the output current is 1 a, so charging speed is a little slow. 1 a charger to be caught when charging the battery, half an hour can be charged 50%, about an hour can be filled.

Priority, in the mobile phone and the back clip battery in the battery case, the charger will first assign to charge iPhone, will fill and then assign the current back clip battery until it is full.

Two in one cable from “death” winding

Don’t know who carried two cell phone users have no such problems. If you travel with iPhone and Android phones (standby) configuration choices, go out have to carry two different interface cables. So when in charge of emergency needs in wanton rummaged in the package, this time will find headsets, charging wires are often intertwined. At this point would be “death coil” was a cloud of embarrassment.

In order to solve this problem with Roman official match EnCase RoLink Hybrid data line provides us with a more simple experience.

RoLink Hybrid cables has advantages that others do not, it can be perfectly compatible with Lighting Plug and Micro-USB plugs, or a plug in without a converter can perfectly compatible with the iPhone and Android phones. All-copper core line of data, greatly improves the charge speed, also support Qualcomm, Huawei, Samsung and other manufacturers of the fast charge technology. X-DORIA iWatch frame

RoLink Hybrid in one data line

RoLink Hybrid cable

Wire adoption of TPE materials for kelp shapes, standard length 1 m, material interfaces on both ends made of high-strength chrome, not only beautiful but also very durable. But the only fly in the ointment is that the plug down and mobile phone connected to identify some misleading, reverse the plug when the side marked with the iOS, are not able to charge any Apple device, but can charge for Android devices.

RoLink wire Hybrid adoption of TPE materials for kelp shapes

We will be combining two products, charging results did well. Just 20 minutes charger 27%, high charging efficiency, if you use mainstream support fast charge technology of Samsung, Huawei and other models will be more obvious. Thus RoLink Hybrid can and combination of Roman official EnCase 6s can very well fit iPhone.



Google announced Android 6.0 device requires security and power-saving is the key

Google in today released has latest of Android compatibility defined file (CDD), which on detailed of provides has phone and flat computer manufacturer in for old equipment suitable distribution Android 6.0 system and new production of Android 6.0 equipment proposed two a hard of requirements: must in system in the retained Android 6.0 of Doze province electric mode and also has default overall encryption this two items function, no will they excluded in Android open source project (AOSP) zhiwai.

FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case

Google announced Android 6.0 device requires security and power-saving is the key

First Doze of province electricity pattern, commonly known as the Snooze mode. Android application system allows 6.0 goes into hibernation after not used over a period of time, leaving only the push messages and synchronization at specific time (snap to wake up). So that the device not in use case takes up less system resources, so as to achieve the effect of power.

But this is only for non-Google applications, Google services and Android Device Manager is not under the influence of Doze mode. But Google’s service has always been a big power, do not know the user did this. In addition to equipment manufacturers for their Android device adaptation 6.0 will most likely own built-in applications and services added to the whitelist Doze mode. FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case

Google announced Android 6.0 device requires security and power-saving is the key

Another Google limit feature to modify the equipment manufacturer is whole-disk encryption. As early as last year when Android 5.0 just released this feature has application in the Nexus 6, all factory installed Android Nexus 6 Mobile 5.0 system are whole-disk encryption was enabled by default, and require all other Android 5.0 device this feature enabled by default. Results in a serious drop in the read and write speed of the device. Google has to make concessions, to change the default “strongly recommended” open cryptographic functions. But Google said that in the next Android version will be switched on by default in whole-disk encryption as a requirement, but came so fast. FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case

In addition Android 6.0 provides primary fingerprint authentication. Android 6.0 will contain the original fingerprint authentication. New functionality enables users on Android devices, there’s no need to enter a password to log on to all support applications. New Nexus phone is also equipped with a fingerprint recognition, but the device manufacturer must adhere to Google’s requirements to ensure the fingerprint sensor compatible Android 6.0 application and call its application programming interface. That there are either Samsung, Sony, HTC or Android mobile phone manufacturers in the country have to device manufacturer must adhere to Google’s requirements to ensure the fingerprint sensor compatible Android 6.0 application and call its application programming interface.

Since Android system birth yilai Google on has been tries to strengthening on Android of control, including previously Google in Android system Shang using large himself of application replaced off has originally Android open source project (AOSP) application, also has requirements manufacturer must in new launched of equipment Shang carrying latest of Android system, and this requirements in Android 6.0 in the retained Doze province electric mode and also has default overall encryption this two items function. Is a sign of tighter Google Android system Google Android system, and doing so would facilitate on the one hand of debris as well as further harmonization of the Android system experience.

If you want to learn more information on Android 6.0 Marshmallow sharing before you can take a look at our article “low content Android 6.0 full version to experience.”


1100 three smart phone: Blackview BV5000

Little-known phone makers Blackview, finally went on sale three intelligent machine BV5000 into the Southeast Asian market, according to the price in the Philippines–7999 Philippine peso, converted back to about 1100 Yuan RMB.

Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case

1100 three smart phone: Blackview BV5000
1100 three smart phone: Blackview BV5000

As a proof phone, waterproof, dustproof, and wrestling is essential, so you can see the designs, and 5.0-inch screen on the front of the outer layer is strong, a ring of shell, and use 2.5D glass cover, details are a lot.

1100 three smart phone: Blackview BV5000
1100 three smart phone: Blackview BV5000

And their BV5000 and their battery capacity corresponding to–5000mAh, don’t know what producers are not just, its official standby 220 hours, charging time is 3.5 hours (estimates are not fast), talk time 7 hours. Also thanks to its large battery, OTG function could do for other smart phones charged.

1100 three smart phone: Blackview BV5000
1100 three smart phone: Blackview BV5000
1100 three smart phone: Blackview BV5000
1100 three smart phone: Blackview BV5000

As configured, it just enough. SoC part is the mediatek MT6735P,2GB memory and 16GB internal storage, microSD card expansion of maximum support 32GB. Camera part of front-back 8 million 2 million, but support dual SIM dual standby, and 4G also have a go.

1100 three smart phone: Blackview BV5000

System powered by Android 5.1, pop out screen gestures also have domestic support, and a wireless file transfer technology called Hotknot, speeds up to 54Mbps, easy to share. Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case

Finally, even as a three-proof machine, Blackview is provided with three colors, namely Camouflage (camouflage green), Violet Black (violet black? ) And Sunny Orange (light orange).

Incidentally, Blackview is the slogan of the company: Smartphone for everyone. It will launch on January 25 Ultra Plus mobile phone logo is Better and Better, is not very familiar with? (Laughs)


Casio PRO TREK PRW-2500T-7 mountain tables, equipped with 6 waves of the world receive, provide accurate time information, you can set 5 alarms. While this table also has a detection temperature, altitude, air pressure and orientation parameters of functions. Waterproof 200 meters under water environments, full titanium case band, as opposed to -10C degrees Celsius weather, light weight and easy to cause allergic reactions. 48mm solar power dial absorbs sunlight, or in dim light into electricity stored in batteries, even in the absence of UV irradiation conditions, can also keep 5 months of operations. Surface has a large LCD screen, there are good recognition, in addition to the digital display, also has a moon phase, tide graph function graphics. Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 7 Dolce & Gabbana Cases

Now on Amazon this watch sells for $ 262.43, about 1600 Yuan. Than domestic price 3359.00 to be worth a lot.

Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 7

Purchase address


Although electric vehicles have been developed, but we don’t seem to have any interest in. One big reason is that charging less, can’t run to half power is bad. But recently a mobile power supply will be able to solve this problem.

Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus cases

Increased EP Tender, this system can effectively improve the status quo of electric vehicle battery, as well as upon all mobile power, EP Tender makes the range of electric vehicles continues to increase, which is a lot more.


EP commercial generators of the Tender is the essence of a 600cc models after compression, and then put in, weighs about 200 kilograms. Sufficient electric power when the EP Tender in sleep. When electric cars are weak when it activates the charge. While EP Tender in electric vehicle charging while exercising.

  Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus cases

EP Tender in France in the research and development, a complete discharge can output 22-kilowatt current, so speed is reached 130-kilometer. EP Tender development company is also studying the upgrade version will reach 35-kilowatt power, 900cc engine. EP Tender report, General Electric moved on after power, can run about 600 km, with very good grades.

  Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case

via EP Tender

Why cannot Note 2 on iPad

Why cannot Note 2 on iPad?

Small series usually total like child in iPad Shang painting this painting that of, but this is not said in iPad Shang painting than in paper Shang painting stronger, in iPad Shang painting forever is than but in paper Shang painting, even hand in holds with a capacitor pen is as, regardless of we in screen Shang wrote also is painting, painting out of line are is very rough, and also is as rough. Note 2 the stylus a lot better, much more accurate than capacitors, whether small series ever on iPad stylus Note2 do? Result is of course not, everyone is a capacitive screen, Note why Samsung, iPad is not?

Lunatik iWatch Case

Note 2 stylus of course with the electromagnetic pen to have such an effect, and is also associated with the phone itself. Different from the ordinary mobile phone, Note 2 at the back of the LCD with a magnetic plate, the electromagnetic induction from electromagnetic emission of electromagnetic signals. Whereas the average cell phone is not such a magnetic Board, so just from the other hardware products will not meet the condition of electromagnetic pen to use, so not on the iPad is also normal.

  iWatch Case

Why cannot Note 2 on iPad?

When the magnetic pen is close to the screen, magnetic boards are sensitive to electromagnetic signal from the pen, and then through a series of complex calculations for the x, y coordinates, so that the phone can know the location you click. Due to the magnetic Board is in the back of the LCD, so magnetic boards also won’t affect the LCD display.

Note 2 this functionality is actually from Wacom (the famous digital plate company) technology, Wacom pressure-sensitive functions are also integrated into the pen. Pressure is pressure-sensitive, s pressure of the Pen can be sensitive to the touch screen. Lunatik iWatch Case

Why cannot Note 2 on iPad?

When the pen tip force when pressure will pass through the pen to the pressure sensor, pressure changes cause changes in electromagnetic signals from electromagnetic pen when mobile phones can feel a sense of pressure, just like a pencil, push, handwriting became rough, small, fine handwriting. So this is particularly suitable for writing and painting.


Tokyo 8 minutes of amazing world look at the next Olympics black technology

“Tokyo 8 minutes of” amazing world, look at the next Olympics black technology

The Rio Olympics closing ceremony, “8 minutes in Tokyo” opens a science and “the second element” of the world, Doraemon, Super Mario, Tsubasa Ozora … … At the closing ceremony of “Tokyo 8 minutes” show, the world into technology and anime “the second element” world. Such a performance, Japan. Indeed, 4 years after the Tokyo Olympics and perhaps not only a sports, also belongs to the anime and science and technology.

Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

The Gizmodo site writes in a column: it was revealed in the Asahi Shimbun, the Tokyo Olympic Games Olympic village will be the first ever “robotic village”, is a 60-foot-tall Giant up to like it has been completed.

By the year 2020, in the face of world athletes and visitors, where the robot tasks such as language translation, the navigation and other services.

“Robot taxi plan” could become a reality. In August, Japan and DeNA company ZMP introduced the first automated robotic driving a taxi, which is expected to provide services during the games.

It is reported that NHK plans to broadcast in HD-resolution 8k the 2020 Olympic Games. In October, Japan, sharp will begin selling 8K, sells for up to $ 125,000, according to the plan, TV appears more in like 2020 Japan family.

In addition, Japan Mitsubishi Electric company says it has developed a way of establishing a floating 3D image technology, people can walk around this image, don’t just sit in front of a screen to watch the projection.

In the column for Gizmodo, ALE, a Japan company plans to manufacture artificial meteor showers moving across the sky in the Tokyo Olympics scene, the company is working with the Japan University to design and launch a cube micro-satellite, simulating nature rare meteor shower.

According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the Tokyo Government plans to spend 40 billion yen (about 2.1 billion yuan) in the next five years, improve the utilization of hydrogen as an energy source and to the Olympic Games, Tokyo Olympic Games Olympic village 6,000 construction uses only hydrogen fuel cells for energy.

Lyft is only worth $ 2 billion Lyft comeback is Uber said at discrediting not sell

Uber think Lyft value of 2 billion dollars after the release of reports in various media platforms, a source close to Lyft furious for Uber. He pointed out that it’s not Uber trying to disrupt Lyft business for the first time.

“Uber tried to use annoying policy affects our business, Bloomberg is a classic example of the” Lyft spokesman said “Lyft is not to sell the company, we have a lot of money to turn a profit. ”

But people familiar with the matter said, Lyft fiduciary duty to its investors, even if it is not required to sell the company, will also take into account every reasonable offer. Lyft to be on equal footing with Uber still has a long way to go, its biggest advantage may be that it was Uber in the United States the only major opponent.

Microsoft acquired Virtual Assistant technologies of artificial intelligence company Genee

Microsoft Monday announced through the official blog, has signed with the AI itinerary service startup Genee acquisition agreement. Ben Cheung and Charles Lee, the founder of the latter to join Microsoft. Both specific amount yet to be released. Genee founded in 2014, is the leading provider of meeting scheduling service company based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Its service can simplify the cumbersome and time-consuming part of the schedule of meetings, in particular massively multiplayer sessions.

“We believe that Microsoft in the field of personal and business productivity, artificial intelligence and virtual assistant technologies has been an industry leader. So we look forward to the pursuit and expertise into this team in order to provide the most sophisticated voice and intelligence services. “Genee founder said.

Apple’s acquisition of personal health record platform Gliimpse

Apple confirmed today that it has acquired Gliimpse personal health start-ups, continues near the health and fitness field. Earlier this year, the company completed the acquisition. Gliimpse is a personal health platform that collects health and fitness-related data available to users and personalize your own health data and share. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

The company was founded by entrepreneur anier·Saixi in 2013, when he saw his sister struggle with breast cancer, their inspiration, creating an easy way to keep track of health data. At present, the Gliimpse allows users to record their daily emotional States, track results and level of pain, and told doctors, the platform uses a variety of techniques to protect users ‘ privacy, ensure that each user’s data is safely stored. These features make Gliimpse more likely to work for diseases such as diabetes, cancer patients a health care experience

NASA spacecraft captured Mars 360-degree panoramic video

According to the daily mail, the United States Space Agency (NASA) curiosity Mars Rover recently captured by the Mars surface 360-degree panoramic video display looks very much like the Earth’s landscape. This video is the curiosity Rover on August 5, 20th United States Space Agency posted on its Web site. Video displayed in the desert-like landscape, which is littered with eroded Flattop Mountain and hilly topography, looks very much like United States southwestern landscape.

In fact, belong to the surface of Mars in the video “the Maury formation” (Murray Formation), made up mainly of mud on the lake bottom. United States NASA said the pingdingshan curiosity is darker on the left side of the machine arm is only about 15 meters high, about 90 meters away from the detector.

Face recognition is not secure us scientists used the pictures cracked the Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

According to foreign media reports, a research team from the University of North Carolina with their recently in social media (Facebook) collected a number of photos, using special computer synthesis and rendering technology, you can generate a planar 3D model display on the phone. They then use this model to test, found as many as five were security system in 4/5 to 85% time to be measured, can be easily fooled. More importantly, they can collect on the Facebook photos is very limited, and there is no guarantee of quality, there is only a 45-degree angle-side face.

Expert 3D skull reshaping 2000 years ago the Mummy looks

According to “East Butte” on August 21, not before the camera, portraits and is our first ancient text describing records appearance. Today’s technology is advanced, Australia Melbourne experts to computer scan with 2000 years of history of the Mummy, take 3D reshape the skull casing, restoring the ancient Egypt young women face. It was reported that a named meilitaman at the University of Melbourne (Meritamun) female Mummy, it is estimated that she died at 18-25, in 2000 years ago and buried.

Android nougat on the line, only Nexus users can download

According to foreign media reports, Google’s latest Android version 7.0 (aka Nougat nougat), formally launched today. Android 7.0 only pushed to Nexus devices, including the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player and Pixel c. Android push-back One to wait for a few weeks. Android 7.0 introduced in May this year to open beta, adds many new features, including multiple Windows multitasking, battery-saving mode, increase Google Daydream of VR platform support and many new emoticons.

AIR 020 2020 scholarship launch discover the next 100 artificial intelligence

AIR 020 丨 2020 scholarship launch: discover the next 100 artificial intelligence scientist

August 12, 2016 during the Global Summit on artificial intelligence and robotics, Xu Xiaoping, Yang Xiangyang, Liwei, Li Zhu and other well-known investors, Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) and well-known intellectuals, hentai and other agencies jointly launched, actually invested “2020 scholarship” was officially launched. The fellowship program is designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of artificial intelligence and robot, support science and technology pioneers. Disney case

Founder of Lei Feng Lin Jun, IEEE International Robotics and automation society of International Affairs Committee Chairman Zhu Xiaorui Dr Xu Xiaoping, integrity Fund founder and 7 other co-founder participated in the ceremony. Disney iPhone plus case

According to reports, the “2020 scholarship” by Lei Feng net other investment sector raised 20.2 million Yuan Fund, from today to 2020 for the national award of 100 in artificial intelligence and robotics to highlight student overseas scholarships to provide 200,000 yuan per person to support these outstanding students to study abroad for the world’s most cutting-edge technology, so as to create better products in this area.

Disney case

AIR 020 丨 2020 scholarship launch: discover the next 100 artificial intelligence scientist

Famous investor in China Xu Xiaoping said at the launch ceremony, artificial intelligence and robot there’s a word in the word: people, “all the world’s technological development, economic miracles of all people. Artificial intelligence developed to this level in recent years, which in itself is a miracle, and today the parliamentary city of Shenzhen is a miracle, miracles are made. Behind all of this without something that human a vision for science and technology. ”

To make cell phones from being killed the traffic lights are mounted on the

Bow family welfare: traffic lights installed on the ground

It is said that this is a global phenomenon:

Like holding a cell phone while walking, so all people who were killed because they do not look at the traffic lights.

–Wrong Ah, shit egg, bow their heads at best, stupid and shouldn’t be sentenced to death!

Frankly, people are waiting to see the joke in the world.

But designers always have loved, they decided: we’ve got to do something, to protect the diversity of the human genome.

Thus, this design out of traffic lights installed on the ground.


From Australia b u ro North Creative Studio.

This is a set of “intelligent transport systems”.

How smart? Oh, and cause people to kill Smartphone smart ~


Its logic is simple. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

People like staring at the phone does not do the lights across the street?

OK, I put the lights on the ground, in the junction there. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

Starbucks iPhone 5 Case


And in various animation effects to attract your attention.

Under this you will not be killed?


Well, Ludo, Nintendo unveiled a new cremation package: Pokemon Go.



Perhaps the most noteworthy Meizu MX 6 features

As smart phones into the “optimal solution” stage, configuration, performance, industrial design, and cost-effective construction of discourse systems allowed spectators numbness. Therefore, taking into account the input-output ratio, when “no” is not necessarily cost-effective, but certainly eye-catching. KENZO iPhone 6 Plus Case

Perhaps the most noteworthy Meizu MX 6 features

On July 19, the Meizu product launch, applause and cheers was the most intensive moments in midfield, MX 6 supports paid app fingerprint, Meizu CEO Bai Yongxiang was quoted as saying, “looks so beautiful. ”

Paid app fingerprint, a function does not need to explain, for a long time, is the iPhone, and mate only 7 of the privilege. In the “Millennium” background, the situation awkward.

As head of Meizu mobile payments project, Zou Jun full follow-up Meizu and micro-cooperation in paying by fingerprint. He said bilateral contacts actually started well from 2014, then thought about Pro launched 6. Delay now, more commercial restrictions.

On October 20, 2014, launched Apple Pay Apple product launches in the fall. Soon, the Meizu’s first carry fingerprint identification phone–MX 4 Pro release and launch mPay. Meizu to understand, if you want to achieve a similar experience, PayPal and the “two mountains” around.

Both have the will, but easier to take this matter forward with Alipay.

“PayPal was already has a ready-made fingerprint payment schemes, the app is still in an exploratory phase. ”

Of course, even though the Meizu and PayPal “you love me” is not enough:

“In the whole (mobile fingerprint payment) chain, mobile phone manufacturers, platform providers, TEE manufacturers, component suppliers, and payment platforms are not very familiar with this technology. ”

Limited energy, Meizu and micro-letters of cooperation have been largely put on hold, then tasted each time the contact.

Perhaps the most noteworthy Meizu MX 6 features

“Cooperate with PayPal’s development cycle for more than six months, the main difficulty is at the technical level. How to store fingerprints in TEE, how to call at TEE-safe interfaces, these are problems. ”

In fact, prior to this, PayPal has partnered with Huawei to achieve fingerprint payment.

Kenzo cover iPhone 6 plus

But Huawei cell phone chips and TEE belongs to independent research and development, the programme with its hardware, a high degree of coupling, which means that other vendors, almost no use of the programme.

In addition, Meizu TEE supplier is the United Kingdom’s trustonic, which also didn’t do a similar solution in China.

“TEE is a security system that is independent of Android. In this system, the outside world unable to juggle a few interface, access permissions is very low. ”

Difficult, but once approved no problem cannot be solved. On June 23, 2015, MX4 Pro universal experience after the firmware update, PayPal fingerprint payment functions online.

Until 4 months after the General solutions of the micro-a step further:

“(The app) now this package is based on the Android m, are offered a standard set of fingerprint payment interface in October last year. ”

Hardware coupling also have high micro mate with Huawei 7 launched in last May’s fingerprint payment, merchants cannot reference. Following the general approach, commercial games were placed came, even there was cooperation, Huawei has encountered a problem.

In March of this year, slightly senior to Meizu Zhuhai headquarters, talk details unknown. But then, Yang Yan announced in mid-March, Meizu restart app fingerprint payment scheme. Pro 6 is definitely missing, and MX 60% preferred.

“Cooperation with Alipay for half a year, we have accumulated a lot of TEE, fingerprint, security check the experience, so the dock app is relatively much easier. ”

However, a distinction between: Kenzo cover iPhone 6 plus

“Micro-the new programme emphasizes the security level, in every cell phone implanted in a different key, the need to adjust our production accordingly. ”

From the results, Meizu has become the third support Android handset vendors paid app fingerprint.

After the end of the Conference, Vice President of Meizu Linan told Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest), “Meizu brand in the future will support micro-paying by fingerprint. “However, Zou Jun said, follow-up will do some technical research” does not rule out one or two handsets will schedule failed to pick up. ”

In addition, there is a good news. According to Zou Jun said, after the next wave of new machines, the function is likely to be the plant’s trademark match.