Solving electricity problems Rome official EnCase and cable testing

Smartphone since its birth, with the development of science and technology and the times, every technological innovations contributed to greatly improve the performance of smartphones. But much to our regret, we are still unable to bathe in the area of mobile power to the technological change brought about by the “Spring Breeze”.

Although occasionally there will be some relevant aspects of the “black science”, but also for a variety of reasons cannot be universal and mass production and application. Charging Bao and other products to “bow”, like a Savior in General. As has been focusing on mobile phone accessories ROMOSS Roman official, sought the use of popular on the iPhone and Android phones “pain points” in 2016, has introduced a number of very useful mobile phone accessories.

Luo Mashi today brought us two versions of products closely associated with mobile phone-Rome official EnCase 6 (4.7-inch) rear clip battery and RoLink Hybrid in one data line. It is easy to see, these two products separately to solve iPhone cell phone battery life and the pain points of Android data cable connected.

Roman official EnCase there are antique white, red, Midnight blue, cherry blossom pink, China four color schemes

X-DORIA iWatch frame

This time we received the Roman official EnCase the iPhone 6/6S version, of course, also supports the 6/6S Plus 5.5-inch version, cat’s official price is 99. Shi EnCase adhering on the external packaging of Rome Rome has long been the official Kraft minimalist style. Color provides four, namely, antique white, red, Midnight blue, cherry powder, the charging function on the basis of, gives Apple a more personalized options. After replacing four shell integrated, editing personal preferences in China Red, and pink is for girls is equipped with.

Lightweight portable detail workmanship quality guarantee

Next, we look at product details, Roman official EnCase the whole soft materials materials very attentively, edge package and the core battery parts very carefully, and there were no left hand or the phenomenon of uneven crop. Benefit of a good package, when combined with the iPhone 6S can get all-round protection, reducing fall injuries for mobile.

Lightning interface details

In addition, the Roman official EnCase the headphone jack, speaker openings, volume button raised, Lightning interface, rear camera opening is good fit with iPhone 6S. After measuring, Roman Shi EnCase+iPhone 6S 13mm, 68 grams in weight, while increasing the thickness of the iPhone hold, but more light weight is acceptable, use the back clip battery more demand is, after all, in order to increase the battery life. iWatch Case

Roman official EnCase dorsal battery indicator buttons and LEDs

Compared with the traditional protective shells, Roman official EnCase the biggest bright spot is the lower-right corner of the power button and led, lightly click the led next to the power button you can clearly see the back clip battery charge remaining. When connected the phone, long press the power button to charge the phone immediately, not dazzling lights and more, press the relatively flat, so the blind open, you may not be able to find the first time.

Roman official EnCase detail work good

Headphone jack on the bottom of the fuselage and the charging port

Roman official EnCase built-in hidden magnetic stickers

In addition, the Roman official EnCase built-in hidden magnetic stickers make it even when driving, convenient operation can also phone. Shi EnCase the overall details of Rome is very good, if it is to put phone back battery is removed is not an easy task, because the package is relatively strict, so shelling operation will take some effort.

Roman official EnCase directly can be recharged by an external Lightning

Measured step, we will start by looking at the battery parameters, today this section of the test adapter model is iPhone 6S, Plus models in addition to size, capacity and no difference. Although the Lightning as a plug, but it only supports iPhone 6 and above, and also have Lightning plug iPhone 5 you can not use this back clip battery. Roman official EnCase a capacity of 2000 mAh, maximum input 5V 1 a, maximum output is 5V 1 a.

Roman official EnCase 6S/6S Plus back clip battery

In terms of charging efficiency iPhone 6 to edit, for example, the battery capacity is 1810mAh, Roman official EnCase can be extended by 85% power. After testing, the back clip battery when to charge mobile phones, can be recharged within 30 minutes 25% of electricity, because the output current is 1 a, so charging speed is a little slow. 1 a charger to be caught when charging the battery, half an hour can be charged 50%, about an hour can be filled.

Priority, in the mobile phone and the back clip battery in the battery case, the charger will first assign to charge iPhone, will fill and then assign the current back clip battery until it is full.

Two in one cable from “death” winding

Don’t know who carried two cell phone users have no such problems. If you travel with iPhone and Android phones (standby) configuration choices, go out have to carry two different interface cables. So when in charge of emergency needs in wanton rummaged in the package, this time will find headsets, charging wires are often intertwined. At this point would be “death coil” was a cloud of embarrassment.

In order to solve this problem with Roman official match EnCase RoLink Hybrid data line provides us with a more simple experience.

RoLink Hybrid cables has advantages that others do not, it can be perfectly compatible with Lighting Plug and Micro-USB plugs, or a plug in without a converter can perfectly compatible with the iPhone and Android phones. All-copper core line of data, greatly improves the charge speed, also support Qualcomm, Huawei, Samsung and other manufacturers of the fast charge technology. X-DORIA iWatch frame

RoLink Hybrid in one data line

RoLink Hybrid cable

Wire adoption of TPE materials for kelp shapes, standard length 1 m, material interfaces on both ends made of high-strength chrome, not only beautiful but also very durable. But the only fly in the ointment is that the plug down and mobile phone connected to identify some misleading, reverse the plug when the side marked with the iOS, are not able to charge any Apple device, but can charge for Android devices.

RoLink wire Hybrid adoption of TPE materials for kelp shapes

We will be combining two products, charging results did well. Just 20 minutes charger 27%, high charging efficiency, if you use mainstream support fast charge technology of Samsung, Huawei and other models will be more obvious. Thus RoLink Hybrid can and combination of Roman official EnCase 6s can very well fit iPhone.