Although electric vehicles have been developed, but we don’t seem to have any interest in. One big reason is that charging less, can’t run to half power is bad. But recently a mobile power supply will be able to solve this problem.

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Increased EP Tender, this system can effectively improve the status quo of electric vehicle battery, as well as upon all mobile power, EP Tender makes the range of electric vehicles continues to increase, which is a lot more.


EP commercial generators of the Tender is the essence of a 600cc models after compression, and then put in, weighs about 200 kilograms. Sufficient electric power when the EP Tender in sleep. When electric cars are weak when it activates the charge. While EP Tender in electric vehicle charging while exercising.

  Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus cases

EP Tender in France in the research and development, a complete discharge can output 22-kilowatt current, so speed is reached 130-kilometer. EP Tender development company is also studying the upgrade version will reach 35-kilowatt power, 900cc engine. EP Tender report, General Electric moved on after power, can run about 600 km, with very good grades.

  Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case

via EP Tender


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