Why cannot Note 2 on iPad

Why cannot Note 2 on iPad?

Small series usually total like child in iPad Shang painting this painting that of, but this is not said in iPad Shang painting than in paper Shang painting stronger, in iPad Shang painting forever is than but in paper Shang painting, even hand in holds with a capacitor pen is as, regardless of we in screen Shang wrote also is painting, painting out of line are is very rough, and also is as rough. Note 2 the stylus a lot better, much more accurate than capacitors, whether small series ever on iPad stylus Note2 do? Result is of course not, everyone is a capacitive screen, Note why Samsung, iPad is not?

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Note 2 stylus of course with the electromagnetic pen to have such an effect, and is also associated with the phone itself. Different from the ordinary mobile phone, Note 2 at the back of the LCD with a magnetic plate, the electromagnetic induction from electromagnetic emission of electromagnetic signals. Whereas the average cell phone is not such a magnetic Board, so just from the other hardware products will not meet the condition of electromagnetic pen to use, so not on the iPad is also normal.

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Why cannot Note 2 on iPad?

When the magnetic pen is close to the screen, magnetic boards are sensitive to electromagnetic signal from the pen, and then through a series of complex calculations for the x, y coordinates, so that the phone can know the location you click. Due to the magnetic Board is in the back of the LCD, so magnetic boards also won’t affect the LCD display.

Note 2 this functionality is actually from Wacom (the famous digital plate company) technology, Wacom pressure-sensitive functions are also integrated into the pen. Pressure is pressure-sensitive, s pressure of the Pen can be sensitive to the touch screen. Lunatik iWatch Case

Why cannot Note 2 on iPad?

When the pen tip force when pressure will pass through the pen to the pressure sensor, pressure changes cause changes in electromagnetic signals from electromagnetic pen when mobile phones can feel a sense of pressure, just like a pencil, push, handwriting became rough, small, fine handwriting. So this is particularly suitable for writing and painting.



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