AIR 020 2020 scholarship launch discover the next 100 artificial intelligence

AIR 020 丨 2020 scholarship launch: discover the next 100 artificial intelligence scientist

August 12, 2016 during the Global Summit on artificial intelligence and robotics, Xu Xiaoping, Yang Xiangyang, Liwei, Li Zhu and other well-known investors, Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) and well-known intellectuals, hentai and other agencies jointly launched, actually invested “2020 scholarship” was officially launched. The fellowship program is designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of artificial intelligence and robot, support science and technology pioneers. Disney case

Founder of Lei Feng Lin Jun, IEEE International Robotics and automation society of International Affairs Committee Chairman Zhu Xiaorui Dr Xu Xiaoping, integrity Fund founder and 7 other co-founder participated in the ceremony. Disney iPhone plus case

According to reports, the “2020 scholarship” by Lei Feng net other investment sector raised 20.2 million Yuan Fund, from today to 2020 for the national award of 100 in artificial intelligence and robotics to highlight student overseas scholarships to provide 200,000 yuan per person to support these outstanding students to study abroad for the world’s most cutting-edge technology, so as to create better products in this area.

Disney case

AIR 020 丨 2020 scholarship launch: discover the next 100 artificial intelligence scientist

Famous investor in China Xu Xiaoping said at the launch ceremony, artificial intelligence and robot there’s a word in the word: people, “all the world’s technological development, economic miracles of all people. Artificial intelligence developed to this level in recent years, which in itself is a miracle, and today the parliamentary city of Shenzhen is a miracle, miracles are made. Behind all of this without something that human a vision for science and technology. ”


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