To make cell phones from being killed the traffic lights are mounted on the

Bow family welfare: traffic lights installed on the ground

It is said that this is a global phenomenon:

Like holding a cell phone while walking, so all people who were killed because they do not look at the traffic lights.

–Wrong Ah, shit egg, bow their heads at best, stupid and shouldn’t be sentenced to death!

Frankly, people are waiting to see the joke in the world.

But designers always have loved, they decided: we’ve got to do something, to protect the diversity of the human genome.

Thus, this design out of traffic lights installed on the ground.


From Australia b u ro North Creative Studio.

This is a set of “intelligent transport systems”.

How smart? Oh, and cause people to kill Smartphone smart ~


Its logic is simple. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

People like staring at the phone does not do the lights across the street?

OK, I put the lights on the ground, in the junction there. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

Starbucks iPhone 5 Case


And in various animation effects to attract your attention.

Under this you will not be killed?


Well, Ludo, Nintendo unveiled a new cremation package: Pokemon Go.




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