Perhaps the most noteworthy Meizu MX 6 features

As smart phones into the “optimal solution” stage, configuration, performance, industrial design, and cost-effective construction of discourse systems allowed spectators numbness. Therefore, taking into account the input-output ratio, when “no” is not necessarily cost-effective, but certainly eye-catching. KENZO iPhone 6 Plus Case

Perhaps the most noteworthy Meizu MX 6 features

On July 19, the Meizu product launch, applause and cheers was the most intensive moments in midfield, MX 6 supports paid app fingerprint, Meizu CEO Bai Yongxiang was quoted as saying, “looks so beautiful. ”

Paid app fingerprint, a function does not need to explain, for a long time, is the iPhone, and mate only 7 of the privilege. In the “Millennium” background, the situation awkward.

As head of Meizu mobile payments project, Zou Jun full follow-up Meizu and micro-cooperation in paying by fingerprint. He said bilateral contacts actually started well from 2014, then thought about Pro launched 6. Delay now, more commercial restrictions.

On October 20, 2014, launched Apple Pay Apple product launches in the fall. Soon, the Meizu’s first carry fingerprint identification phone–MX 4 Pro release and launch mPay. Meizu to understand, if you want to achieve a similar experience, PayPal and the “two mountains” around.

Both have the will, but easier to take this matter forward with Alipay.

“PayPal was already has a ready-made fingerprint payment schemes, the app is still in an exploratory phase. ”

Of course, even though the Meizu and PayPal “you love me” is not enough:

“In the whole (mobile fingerprint payment) chain, mobile phone manufacturers, platform providers, TEE manufacturers, component suppliers, and payment platforms are not very familiar with this technology. ”

Limited energy, Meizu and micro-letters of cooperation have been largely put on hold, then tasted each time the contact.

Perhaps the most noteworthy Meizu MX 6 features

“Cooperate with PayPal’s development cycle for more than six months, the main difficulty is at the technical level. How to store fingerprints in TEE, how to call at TEE-safe interfaces, these are problems. ”

In fact, prior to this, PayPal has partnered with Huawei to achieve fingerprint payment.

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But Huawei cell phone chips and TEE belongs to independent research and development, the programme with its hardware, a high degree of coupling, which means that other vendors, almost no use of the programme.

In addition, Meizu TEE supplier is the United Kingdom’s trustonic, which also didn’t do a similar solution in China.

“TEE is a security system that is independent of Android. In this system, the outside world unable to juggle a few interface, access permissions is very low. ”

Difficult, but once approved no problem cannot be solved. On June 23, 2015, MX4 Pro universal experience after the firmware update, PayPal fingerprint payment functions online.

Until 4 months after the General solutions of the micro-a step further:

“(The app) now this package is based on the Android m, are offered a standard set of fingerprint payment interface in October last year. ”

Hardware coupling also have high micro mate with Huawei 7 launched in last May’s fingerprint payment, merchants cannot reference. Following the general approach, commercial games were placed came, even there was cooperation, Huawei has encountered a problem.

In March of this year, slightly senior to Meizu Zhuhai headquarters, talk details unknown. But then, Yang Yan announced in mid-March, Meizu restart app fingerprint payment scheme. Pro 6 is definitely missing, and MX 60% preferred.

“Cooperation with Alipay for half a year, we have accumulated a lot of TEE, fingerprint, security check the experience, so the dock app is relatively much easier. ”

However, a distinction between: Kenzo cover iPhone 6 plus

“Micro-the new programme emphasizes the security level, in every cell phone implanted in a different key, the need to adjust our production accordingly. ”

From the results, Meizu has become the third support Android handset vendors paid app fingerprint.

After the end of the Conference, Vice President of Meizu Linan told Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest), “Meizu brand in the future will support micro-paying by fingerprint. “However, Zou Jun said, follow-up will do some technical research” does not rule out one or two handsets will schedule failed to pick up. ”

In addition, there is a good news. According to Zou Jun said, after the next wave of new machines, the function is likely to be the plant’s trademark match.


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