DIGwatch new generation touch watch

DIGwatch new generation touch watch

For smart watches we have seen far too many this year, China is now exerting force with a lot of teams in this regard, for example CNTimeMachine a Bullock team. DIGwatch is from CNTimeMachine cattle when a new generation of touch watch, it may not be as iWatch or other international companies to watch powered by iOS or Android system. It’s biggest bright spot is capacitive touch and TN display backlit LCD screen and watch support gestures, showing different time, creative time display mode is very creative!

DIGwatch new generation touch watch

DIGwatch measurements for 47mmx43mmx10mm, a total of 6 time display styles to choose from, but because you are using TN LCD, a DIGwatch can show only one, not 6 styles together. DIGwatch after developers repeatedly tested, very convenient and easy to use for users experiencing specific presentation we’ll have video, now take a small series in terms of key DIGwatch TN display backlit LCD.

DIGwatch new generation touch watch

6 time display style VR Box Virtual Reality glasses

Image, TN liquid crystal display positive and negative points are: the figures are real, negative numbers are controlled. Because of this difference, without backlight, but the colors and effects are generally, and no reflection of light won’t be visible on the dial shows, the vast majority of LCD Digital Watch is this. Because it is hollow, backlight projection light is required to show, so color and effect are very bright, but requires the presence of backlight, energy consumption is large, basically doesn’t have a watch using negative before the DIGwatch rear projection LCD. In order to solve the problem of energy consumption, DIGwatch uses lithium polymer batteries can be recharged, the normal use of up to 15 days, but also because it’s waterproof ability is not so good, so remind you when using DIGwatch attention far away from the water.

DIGwatch new generation touch watch

Given on appearance of excellence, except above by show of surface processing and strap match, CNTimeMachine create cattle Shi device also wants to attempts to about other of surface processing and strap, to meet more people of needs; and they also prepared increased a accessories, let this paragraph products has more wearing way (can wearing in hand Shang, can clip in Backpack and clothes, can hanging in chest Qian), and can for products expand new function (implanted traffic card chip, can as traffic card using, But for the time being find Yang Cheng Tong chip solution).

This watch is currently calling time on fund-raising in advance, interested friends can take a look. Although not so smart, but experience will let you feel the stunning, let us see in advance:

Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine

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DIGwatch new generation touch watch
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GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro Hero4 a completely “upgraded”, and finally in 4K resolution 30fps under the standard definition, can really take 4K HD movies. While on the 2.7K resolution support to a 50fps smooth quality; in the most commonly used format to 1080p, GoPro Hero4 boldly open up 120fps. VR Box virtual reality

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