Foreign media comment on global top 50 most intelligent technology companies

Beijing on June 22 morning news, United States media of the MIT Technology review recently selected the 50 “most intelligent” technology company. A number of Chinese companies to go beyond Japanese and Korean companies, stands at the forefront.

Two Chinese companies in the top ten of them, namely, Baidu (second place) and Huawei (tenth place). By contrast, in 2015, 3 Chinese companies in the top ten, and 2014, without a top.

Baidu and the company has been committed to developing innovative technology and efficient business models to promote the commercialization of products. Baidu relies on California’s research and engineering team to develop unmanned technologies. But with the grip of the high and low end of the market as the world’s third-largest mobile phone vendor.

Improvement of Chinese enterprises ranking in this list, mark the rapid development of science and technology of China. This shows that more and more Chinese companies are starting from imitation to innovation. Another media launched the fast company 50 innovative business directory in the e-commerce giant Alibaba followed by Apple, Google ranks third.

As the world’s second-largest economy, China from imitator to innovator shift is in line with rising international economic status. Japan became the second-largest economy in the last century 80 ‘s is followed by Japan in the global rankings on the rise.

  PS: the MIT Technology review, 50 “most intelligent” technology company

  1 Amazon

  2 Baidu

  3 Illumina

  4 Tesla Motors

  5 Aquion Energy

  6 Mobileye

  7 23andMe

  8 Alphabet

  9 Spark Therapeutics

  10 Huawei

  11 First Solar

  12 Nvidia

  13 Cellectis

  14 Enlitic

  15 Facebook

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  16 SpaceX

  17 Toyota

  18 Airware

  19 IDE Technologies

  20 Tencent

  21 Didi Chuxing

  22 Oxford Nanopore

  23 24M

  24 Alibaba

  25 Bristol-Myers Squibb

  26 Microsoft

  27 Fanuc Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

  28 Sonnen

  29 Improbable

  30 Movidius

  31 Intrexon

  32 Carbon

  33 Bosch

  34 T2 Biosystems

  35 Editas Medicine

  36 Nestlé

  37 RetroSense Therapeutics Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

  38 Line, subsidiary of Naver

  39 TransferWise

  40 Veritas Genetics

  41 FireEye

  42 Seven Bridges

  43 Slack

  44 Coupang

  45 IBM

  46 Snapchat

  47 Africa Internet Group

  48 LittleBits

  49 Intel

  50 Monsanto


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