Xinjiang upgrade DJI Care introduction of third party liability insurance for

In September last year, Xinjiang’s first Internet Chung on insurance, insurance companies, within the United Nations, launched a “Wu Inspire1”–DJI Care service plan model UAV. Service has been covering its Elf series, as well as Wu range.

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According to the Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention) was informed that Xinjiang will soon upgrade the DJI Care. Upgraded parts include: each DJI Care were given a third party liability insurance; domestic non-contentious cases maintenance for no more than 3 business days; provide new and replacement services; logistics costs are borne by DJI.

Which third party responsibility insurance (remote control model personal responsibility insurance) is refers to in user purchase DJI Care Hou by big Xinjiang for its insured of, in insurance during within, user using, and control remote control model of process in the, for accident accident caused third party of personal casualties or property loss of, according to People’s Republic of China legal (not including Hong Kong, and Macau and the Taiwan legal), insurer according to insurance contract agreed is responsible for compensation of insurance species. Jiang Wang Fan, Director of public relations, said Chung on insurance, this is a big joint of Xinjiang trans-border cooperation, introduction of third party liability insurance for the first time, all no dead protect the interests of consumers.

New replacement service refers, after sale maintenance level, if the aircraft was damaged, maintenance costs are high, big frontier recommended users directly for new machines, provided that the related costs less than the DJI Care the remaining lines. New big frontier is a discount of the price of the machine, and DJI Care Insurance the price is far below the market price of drones, so a good deal, but if the remaining lines still exceeds the DJI Care that falls outside the part paid by the users themselves. Moschino case for iPhone 6

It is learnt that the DJI Care pricing unchanged, and 618 are activities, semi-annual price and enjoy a year of insurance services.

Big Xinjiang of DJI Care since launched has has near one years time, Wang Fan said DJI Care value-added service just released Shi, this new things need a time to let general user to awareness, and understanding and Digest, so early promotion stage big Xinjiang made has is big efforts, zhihou with time over, increasingly more new old user awareness to insurance service of benefits, so DJI Care also slowly on has express road. Moschino Case


Xinjiang upgrade DJI Care, introduction of third party liability insurance for the first time, support the trade-in
Xinjiang upgrade DJI Care, introduction of third party liability insurance for the first time, support the trade-in

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