Google VR platform has been launched on the market a month but there is no phone

Google VR platform has been launched on the market a month but there is no phone support

Lenovo has just released the PHAB2 Pro smart phone is the world’s first Smartphone with Google’s Tango technology, but will not support Google’s Daydream VR projects.

Asked this with augmented reality capabilities support on your cell phone when you Daydream, Lenovo said: “the mobile phone does not support Daydream. We Daydream had already started to develop before it is published. However, Lenovo will certainly consider Daydream devices in the future. ”

Huawei said last week that the company this year will fall first Daydream VR-enabled mobile phones. Judging from the present situation, first non-Nexus support Daydream VR-phone cannot be released before the end of June.

PHAB2 Pro can run augmented reality apps and games, but it does not support Daydream VR is not surprising. When announced at the Google I/O Developer Conference Daydream VR project, the company announced the list of compatible with the system of smartphone maker, owned by Lenovo and Motorola are not included in the list.

However, the Association said the company would consider Daydrema equipment, so I do not rule out supporting Daydream late next year. Daydream VR,Android device must be running Android to run n system, equipped with a Super AMOLED display, and may have to ARM new Cortex-A73 processors and Mali G71 GPU–which is designed for Daydream VR and augmented reality content.

“We are very pleased to work with Google to ensure that the Mali GPU video and display processor to Daydream on the platform provides the ultimate mobile virtual reality experience. In addition, the ARM has been working in cooperation with a number of leading chip partners, published the first Daydream-enabled devices. “ARM spokesman said. Lenovo is about contact with the ARM, is unknown.

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If not run Daydream VR,PHAB2 Pro can still achieve a lot of functionality to an existing Smartphone cannot be achieved. This phone is priced at US $ 499, the user cannot use the phone to run applications of augmented reality and virtual games such as dominoes, but experience augmented reality Museum can be applied through the GuidiGo function. X-DORIA iWatch cover

Through a partnership with home improvement company PHAB2 Pro, PHAB2 Pro can also help users of virtual reality technology to understand the new furniture and products in the room effect. The phone also has a view deeply knowing, learning and action tracking and other functions, and virtualization of the surrounding environment, and identifies a variety of surfaces and obstacles.

Source: SINA

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