Asus will launch next year AR products

Taiwan electronics manufacturer ASUS has developed an augmented reality products, similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens headset. According to ASUS CEO Shen Zhenlai, ASUS company’s augmented reality products because of higher demand changes temporarily delayed the planned next on display at the international consumer electronics show CES, and will also display a virtual reality products. November 2015 at the earliest, there are reports that ASUS wanted to work with Microsoft, developed a cheap version of HoloLens augmented reality head-mounted device (Microsoft prefers to call mixed reality headset). The HoloLens and developers of Microsoft, priced at $ 3000. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

HoloLens holographic glasses

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HoloLens holographic glasses Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Based on Microsoft’s years of accumulated technology and development, the HoloLens did for real-world scenarios and natural gesture tracking, understanding and modeling, and real-time rendering of virtual worlds and overlay (at least). Once this step is achieved, is to subvert his Phone’s core competencies.

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