Glasses free 3D mobile phones out to buy or not to buy

Human 70%-80% information acquisition from Visual, 3D glasses, 3D, head-mounted virtual reality helmet technology, reflecting people’s unremitting pursuit for reproducing Visual images.

Recently, the network reporter experience several effects of Lei Feng “inflated expectations” glasses-free 3D device, can’t help but wonder: had the glasses-free 3D technology with the development of liquid crystal displays and renowned, how are you today? What technological breakthroughs have been achieved? What are the market prospects?

Current glasses-free 3D devices what is the difference? Those years slip away from us, “tide”

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

HTC EVO 3D phones 2011

4.3-inch screen, born in HTC the best of times, is one of the reasons the computer not glasses-free 3D viewing angle is too small, when playing games, sometimes no 3D effects. Another reason is that the 3D depth of field shallow, so the results are not good enough.

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Nintendo 3DS game machine, 2011

It’s popular all over the world, is the most representative of consumer 3D products, global sales of billions of dollars, then, Nintendo launched the big-screen versions of the 3DS, 3DS LL/XL.

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Toshiba laptop F750,2011

Use of a front-facing camera for facial capture, is not caught on.

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Hisense 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV, 2012

Cooperation with the BoE, supports both 2D and 3D modes of play, 2D 4K resolution, so what?

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Amazon Fire Phone,2014

It is the biggest attractions have “dynamic view” feature phone 4 on the front of a camera and a gyroscope to track a user’s movement, and then the operating system UI can be adjusted to achieve the depth information of the 3D display.

Current equipment and the glasses-free 3D devices differ?

Recently, Lei Feng network reporter in Maker Fire exhibition Shang experience has several naked 3D equipment, respectively is rich visual naked 3D phone M550 3D, and Super multidimensional 3D BOX; also, PPTV claimed also in development naked 3D phone, given itself content resources, build “Pocket theater”; and from Netherlands of Stream TV Networks company is said they development has a paragraph has 140 degrees wide-angle vision of naked 3D TV. So now these devices with the glasses-free 3D devices differ?

Many glasses-free 3D equipment is through filters, polarizing approach combined with the monitor, can lead to problems such as double vision, dizziness, dark side of the screen. Because the technology is not mature, the screen also prone to “moire” (high frequency interference sensor, makes the picture appear high frequency color fringes).


In addition, when the glasses-free 3D technology needs human eyes adapt to the device, viewed at a specific angle, angle, 3D effect was gone.

Super multidimensional (SuperD) of President Xu Peizhen to Lei Feng network (search “Lei Feng network” public, concern) reporter do has above science, Super multidimensional is a from Shenzhen of naked 3D solution programme provides business, in naked 3D field deep ten years, now with mobile Internet times of coming, they began and phone terminal manufacturer, and content developers for cooperation, volume produced mobile of of equipment.

Current glasses-free 3D display technologies, computer vision technology can be used for tracking and then through the algorithm for real-time rendering and 3D display screen, “devices to suit the face”, simply put, you do not need any specific limitations, normal use of mobile phones. Compared with the past single market perspective and horizon technology breakthrough.


Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

InFocus M550 3D

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Snail W3D

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Ultra-D TV

At present, the hyper-cube and the InFocus (InFocus) to produce smart phones M550-d, technological cooperation with snail snail game mobile phones (W3D), the hyper-dimensional glasses-free 3D technology, handles key integration with the Android system, target user locking depth for gamers.

M550 3D with a 5.5-inch full HD screen, other configurations are now high-end Android phones mainstream level, has been in Taiwan listed, priced at NT $ 8999 in July or August and is expected to be listed on the Mainland, priced at 2499. The price, compared to domestic are pitched battle price range of 1000-2000 Yuan, slightly higher.

Costs are mainly 3D pixel shader chips added and the use of 3D liquid crystal lens, and mass production is expected to decrease prices after. OtterBox iPad Mini Case

When asked when Lei feng’s net sales, Xu Peizhen tells us, M550 3D in Taiwan listed more than a month, and currently has “sold out”, this appears to be good news.

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

Super cube 3D BOX

Also, for open iOS market, Super multidimensional also independent development has a paragraph naked 3D displayed accessories–3D Box, it used folding type design, and half through half anti-type 3D displayed principle create has suspended permeability sense of naked 3D visual effect, through Bluetooth and the WiFi technology and General phone achieved connection, using phone for control, in its screen Shang play 3D video, and run 3D game or using 3D App application. OtterBox iPad Mini Case

Who knows, this is a content and platform wars era

3D equipment is not universal, and lack of content has a lot to do with it.

Glasses-free 3D technology as a basis, has had a breakthrough. Main factors restricting the development of it, from technology transfer to the industry’s consolidation, particularly in the movies, games and other content offerings.

Dabbled in 3D uSens COO Chi told Lei Feng in the field of network bottlenecks are mainly of glasses-free 3D content production, shooting high cost display exists on the effect of shear (that is, persons in the process of moving, the picture obviously hopping, in Vegas found out earlier this year, but still not ideal), and so on.

In addition, screen, depth of field, 3D effects, and there is a gap compared to other display technologies, also traditional in interactive mode.

Ultra-multi-dimensional approach is working with Hollywood film licensing and build their own content platforms–3D Store, including 3D video, 3D gaming and 3D applications, such as 3D, 3D weather photos and so on. In addition, for developers to develop, submit, promote, statistical analysis, realisation of the full range of services.

Glasses-free 3D is not mature now, in addition to providing online platform, open SDK, hyper-cube 3D app store developers will also provide capital, sites, information consultation, coaching, team development, business incubation services.

For the moment, “pragmatism” the developer market, seemed device popularity, user activity, clear revenue model will be attracted to them, glasses-free 3D into the mobile space will be a good choice, but there is still a long way to go.

So, glasses-free 3D technology, what are the prospects? Glasses-free 3D-enabled phones you can’t buy?

Since the beginning of Android phones universal, as it uses the same system, Android mobile phone manufacturers are trying to compete by hardware parameters to highlight their flagship product. In the event of major manufacturers, more nuclear, higher clock speed, more RAM, bigger screen, higher PPI as its main selling point.

 D to the naked eye, possibly as embroiled in a homogenization of troubled mobile phone manufacturer to bring new ideas of differentiation.

But there are people in the industry told us that 3D displays could determine the future of smartphones, as well as a key element, is a 3D touch technology can improve in time with compatible 3D display.

 With 3D visual effect only on a mobile phone, the user demand is not great.


Until 3D touch technology (touch feeling control technology) perfect has, Visual technology of needs on will was led up, then not now many people expected of as only in movie and game aspects needs will compared strongly, 3D Visual combined touch technology in some tool App, and remote control, and medical, and actual contact (piano key), and people and people communication of when will excavations out infinite of user needs.

Seamless docking with VR/AR?


Glasses-free 3D combined with a mobile device, seems to be a good direction. In the interview process, Lei feng’s reporter also found an interesting phenomenon, some dabbled in glasses-free 3D technology entrepreneurs, are now in the VR\AR domain, which is what kind of relationship between the two?

Xu Peizhen tells us, location tracking, real-time rendering, three dimensional imaging is the core meaning of VR, which is super-multi years deep, has many areas of patent technology. But VR\AR is still in the early industry, software and hardware and content are not “ready”, takes years of precipitation.

In this regard, has developed over-holographic display technology Deprh-VR CTO Li Jin tells us:

Whether it is polarised glasses 3D glasses-d and its ornamental areas only as big screen (screen vision coverage are usually only 60-90), to the consumer feels like looking through the window of the outside; VR does have a full 360-degree field of vision, you can give the feeling of creating fully immersed in a virtual world.


Glasses-free 3D in the advertising industry might make a difference: imagine that you go through a bus station, see flat advertising but the icing is no longer very strong glasses-free 3D animation, the recency of this device must be billboards a lot higher than it is now.

Fei Yue participated in Amazon Fire Phone research and development (now the CTO of Silicon Valley’s virtual reality team uSens) were of the view that most successful commercial application of glasses-free 3D handheld 3DS is Nintendo’s games, but on the whole, to enhance the user experience is not large enough, you can call it “pseudo”.

3D people begging, needs to meet many conditions; that’s disappointing, only because equipment and a resolution, comfort, angle, one of the reasons. 2011, 2012 the glasses-free 3D device, although thanks to the popularity of the movie avatar and get noticed, but did not have a real impact. New and more mature of glasses-free 3D technology equipment, whether for competitive differentiation brought new tipping point of the phone? Virtual reality (VR, Virtual Reality) and augmented reality (AR,Augmented Reality) technology development, can generate more opportunities for glasses-free 3D?

I write to you, I’m a little confused, I just want to ask a question: so, with the glasses-free 3D-enabled phones you can’t buy?

Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?


Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?
Glasses-free 3D mobile phones out to buy, or not to buy?

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