Edwin land why he became his spiritual mentor

Edwin land: why he became his spiritual mentor?

  If you’ve ever used Sun glasses, camera or used LCD monitor, then you should be grateful to Edwin land. Givenchy iPhone

  Not only did he invent the Polaroid camera he was “designed” product concept, has been extended to after he left this world. At least, he was one of the people who have been affected.

  Regardless of whether you use a Polaroid of the literary youth, should get some understanding of Edwin land.

  His biggest title, inventor of the Polaroid camera, of course, but this is only part of the story.

  In fact, Edwin land is a small invention experts when he was young. Total 535 patents obtained in the his life, 3D stereo glasses, eye Polarized Sunglasses, U2 reconnaissance plane of the US military equipment, is his early masterpieces. So many patents, and Edison and ailihu·tangmuxun, two United States inventor to rival.

  And like Bill Gates, Steve jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Edwin land’s “school entrepreneurship Club” member. He majored in physics at Harvard University, and freshman that year found school boring, drop out chemical inventions.

Givenchy iPhone cover

  In 1937, who’ve been back for polarizers RAND set up a Polaroid of the patent (Polaroid), United States Army do polarized lenses (Polarizor). When the second world war, United States pilots to observe the nuclear mushroom clouds of Hiroshima with polarized glasses or a Polaroid product.

  After the second world war, polarized lenses of military equipment orders, Polaroid tried restructuring, do the photography company, began making camera lenses. Polaroid’s birth, the main reason is the daughter of RAND to ask a question.

  In his spare time, RAND the couple also took her to vacation. In 1944, he was three years old daughter complain when Dad went to photographs: she wanted to see just photos, why wait a week’s time? RAND’s daughter after you explain the principle of film exposure, her daughter was not satisfied.

  Inventor RAND to laboratory work. Instead of considering how to accelerate the speed of film prints, he created a new system image printed directly on the photosensitive surface, and put it to the photo in the sensitive environment. This principle was subsequently also used the Polaroid to the, which is another story.

Edwin land: why he became his spiritual mentor?

  The first Polaroid camera produced only 60 in 1948, before Christmas in a department store in Boston try to sell. As you can imagine, in the 1948 film cameras age, Polaroid Corporation’s “shadow” camera was magic. The first Polaroid camera, almost sold out on the first day of the sale.

  ”Every significant inventions, should surprise, also broke into a world that is not yet ready. If the world is ready, then it can’t be called an invention. ”

  We have seen similar products a few years ago–it was jobs ‘ touch-screen iPhone released in 2007.

  In addition to the shocking, RAND also called his product to achieve perfect state, one of the obvious examples is Polaroid SX-70.

  It is not so much the camera, rather than a magic box, or, a luxury-and when not, SX-70 is shaped like a book, put a cigarette case, leather case, a hand to hold, can be easily put in your pocket. And gently pulled back the cigarette box, the entire fuselage will appear. This beautiful open, was in the 1970, even now, that can’t be imitated by all camera products.

  ”I can see the Polaroid camera is supposed to look like. This is true for me, as I created it had sat in front of me before. “When RAND during a meeting with Steve, he said.

  ”Yes, I for Macintosh computers as well. “He responded.

  RAND strongly believe that the power of technology. At that time, he was the only one who knows the SX-70 people of all technical difficulties and the details, in order to develop the camera, he took $ 2 billion of the company’s research and development costs. Huge research and development would affect corporate profits, Wall Street was not very optimistic about Polaroid’s stock, but RAND said he couldn’t care less what is profit. And this is his admiration of:


  ”This man is a national treasure. I don’t understand why such a person is not regarded as idol worship. Become that kind of person is the most incredible thing–are not astronauts, but also not the player, but people like him. ”

  But the high cost of RAND is questioned by the Polaroid Corporation. In 1975, the RAND Corporation spent a huge amount of money researching home theater project, was launched by Sony “VCR” product beat, and Polaroid Board of Directors also began to doubt the validity of grand strategy.

  In 1985, at the age of 75 Rand was driven out of established companies, sold all his shares. Subsequently, Polaroid is then slowly lost to roadside camera color print of “one hour photo” and digital cameras, no founder of RAND this emphasis on innovation, they also slow down the pace of innovation.

  In 1991, aged 81 RAND left the world. And RAND left it more than 20 years, Polaroid does not find the creative force, the company has 2 bankruptcy, sold 3 times, in recent years, they start the exploration of digital products.

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