Virtual reality did come out

Virtual reality did come out?

This topic is, of course, the cause of new local Internet Facebook 2 billion US dollar charge to the Oculus, and this causes is the most recent results of Lei feng’s network before Ching Ming holidays organized a theme “virtual reality and vision” salon in the industry. Frankly this salon is a retreat, but it does have a lot of devotion to their work ethic and pragmatic friends have brought very interesting product.

The so-called “explosion”

Ever since the Internet, all is actually the focus of the outbreak erupted, said outbreaks of public opinion more directly. VR Shinecon virtual reality glasses

Google-Nest after the takeover, it is said that smart home ready to explode. Both case has a lot of similarities, smart home appeared as early as 97 Gates’s mansion; and Sharon’s friends also said more than 10 years ago, the show can be seen on the virtual reality/augmented reality applications. Both outbreaks were derived from local acquisitions, people’s expectations for both small (local or Enterprise) to the public.

Friends also has the challenge: virtual reality in the heat of the moment as 3D printing as of 2012?

Virtual reality did come out?

The so-called “change”

With all the “outbreak” almost the same frequency is another word of “subversion”, but entrepreneurs are more likely to “change”. Decline of 3D printing (or depression), is that it not only failed to subvert even affects the lives of ordinary people.

Virtual reality applications, it has the potential to change people’s lives? Oculus generation product is primarily for developers of Guinea pigs, people do not commonly used because too little content, such as access to the Oculus games that require an additional adapter.

Also in Ant as the CEO of virtual reality suit tanzheng say their practices are compatible with products, their first products AntVR Kit can be directly compatible with 3D/2D games and movies.

Short term and immediate worries

Hold a local’s legs is basically air card-pig–wait for the wind to at any time. So the Nest and Oculus, later do is slowly perfecting products, butt, exploring the killer application, and using economies of scale.

Case of which Nest, Lei feng’s network also authors discussed this situation also applies to domestic: first of all this product useless at home, followed by domestic temperament have this kind of innovation to the soil?

Virtual reality suit class Oculus, the most obvious use is gaming and video. By maturity than which game audio, but most games are not for making money from big-budget, high-quality, heavy experience, but from Tencent in very large flows of value-added services.

3 public virtual reality products to solve problems is application, cost and profit model. While at home big brother is unlikely under the circumstances of out so early, all the problems are immediate worries.

VR Shinecon virtual reality glasses

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