Virtual reality image Nvidia s new tools to solve this problem

Virtual reality image? Nvidia's new tools to solve this problem

On June 1, Lei feng’s network news, global graphics technology and digital media processor vendor NVIDIA (Nvidia) in Taipei for a virtual reality game developers today has unveiled a new tool: GameWorks VR. The programmable graphics engine updates are designed to better display your computer’s performance and provide a better virtual reality experience. iPhone 6 case Givenchy

From Oculus Rift to HTC Vive Valve company, in the past few years, virtual reality has been hovering outside the ordinary consumer market. But this is about to change. Oculus Announces currently, will be launched in 2016, consumer-oriented virtual reality equipment. Hundreds of thousands of game developers dedicated to virtual reality technology into their work, Nvidia graphics hardware and the world’s largest manufacturing companies launched a new tool is the key steps to achieve this goal.

First of all, new GameWorks VR is designed to help developers ensure that existing computers that draw, they simply need to add a virtual-reality goggles. Graphics are distorted in virtual reality and virtual reality goggles with special optical lens shapes can be amended, so as to provide users with a broad perspective.

Until now, the graphics engine in virtual reality image is drawn when it is transferred to the normal screen, this creates a distorted image, resulting in many parts of the generated image is not visible. GameWorks VR’s role is to ensure that the final part of virtual reality for the first time mapped out.

Finally, removing unnecessary elements in the graphics processing, so that the virtual reality game developed with better quality of picture. There is nothing sticking more influential and intermittent immersion virtual reality.

Nvidia in the graphics hardware is in the leading position in the current notebook computers and controls about 70% market share in the desktop market. Its main rival, AMD, in the field of personal computers far behind it, but in terms of graphics systems, is still better than Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PS and Nintendo’s Wii.

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