Learn a new language Developers of new artificial intelligence systems

  United States Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system that can read different languages can be completed without prior knowledge of a language from the language of the text adventure game–which seems to suggest that it may be in the process of playing games to learn new languages.

Learn a new language? Developers of new artificial intelligence systems

  According to information available, the project’s researchers wanted to design a system of language and syntax to make inferences. For example, it can refer themselves to “you’re hurt” and “you didn’t get hurt,” the distinction between, and their meaning.

  In order to achieve this, the researchers developed a text adventure game, containing a large number of similar negative words and conjunctions such as “but”, “and”, “or” and so on. Meanwhile, they also find game development tool developer Evennia, hope they make a test game. Cath Kidston iPhone case

  In the test, researchers would command their own computer systems to try to get through this game, and its performance and compared two other natural language processing technology. In two games, and their system have obtained better results than comparison techniques. But in being asked to compare two different descriptions of an object, the system was jammed.

  ”When you play these games, every interaction is conducted through the text. “Researchers Karthik Narasimhan says,” it’s not like the handle to play the game, you really need to understand these words, those actions select variability is greater. ” Cath Kidston iPhone 6 Case

[Article correction]

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Cath Kidston iPhone case

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