Module Trellie introduction of the smart jewelry fashion companies easily create

Module Trellie introduction of the smart jewelry, fashion companies easily create technology products

Jewellery and wearable device is a trend is also emerging markets emerging in recent years, many companies have tried smart jewel, Trellie is one of them. However, this company is not to develop specific products, but introduced a modular platform of intelligent jewelry, fashion brand can build their own intelligent jewelery.

Ted Baker Note 3 Case

Trellie technology platform includes a small Bluetooth that can fit in a small disc, jewelry designers base of the disc can be used as gems. When the Bluetooth connection after, there will be lights, stone illuminates.

Bluetooth is very small in size, you can put it in a ring or necklace, combined in special forms, consumers change Bluetooth can be removed to other jewelry above, so I don’t have to wear the same piece of jewelry everyday.

Trellie technology can transfer the call message to jewel, will push the message and tracking functions.

Module Trellie introduction of the smart jewelry, fashion companies easily create technology products

Technology and fashion companies carry out their duties

Trellie want to be able to give women more for their wearable device, worn on hand all day, after all, a seemingly simple rubber bracelets for women also is too monotonous, hot won’t last, and that this consumption is almost disposable.

Trellie also has a first in wearable technology business. Using the compact module technology in cooperation with other companies, jewelry and fashion brand can develop a new industry chain, to expand their influence in consumer groups, on smart jewelry to maintain the creativity, and Trelli effect can therefore continuously wearable technology, become an evergreen tree.

Companies are modular smart jewelry patents, Trellie, jewelry manufacturers jewelry designs need to be considered, without taking the time to research how to jewelry and technology integration. This collaboration is for both sides to reduce the burden.

Plans are Trellie selected from the world’s biggest manufacturers of fine jewellery a cooperation. Ted Baker Note 3 Case Ted Baker note 3 cases

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Thunderbolt money treasure

1644 votes

Thunderbolt money treasure

Is designed to help users share money treasure is a little idle bandwidth box, place it at home on the router, you can use to make money.
Itself does not have the router function, can be considered a micro server, users insert a storage device such as USB flash drive or an external hard drive, you can make this server a thunderbolt using idle bandwidth to the server part of the network. Contribution to Thunder Server network, the greater, it means digging “mines” more. Dig the minerals can be bound directly to the public, “Crystal mine” convertible into cash red packet, used to spend or bank card.

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