Rich as a tramp five things you didn t know ailong Ma sikeyi smell

Rich as a tramp: five things you didn't know ailong·Ma sikeyi smell

What roses are red on ailong·masike is really a lot of rumours can’t finish.

Silicon Valley, a new book iron man: ailong·masike adventure of life last this week, author ashili·fansi took more than 40 hours, and musk in depth dialogue also interviewed nearly 300 people, which tells the story of musk in the establishment and operation of the real PayPal, Tesla and Space companies such as x-time story of ups and downs.

What’s ailong·masike anecdote is worth 18? Small series of Lei Feng network immediately announced grams five unknown stories!

His ex-wife that he was like a match Borg Juicy Couture iPhone 5 cases

Cyborg is the English transliteration of the Cyborg, or semantic meaning of the body human.

“I think he’s like a terminator. His target, and said, ‘ she’s mine. ‘ After step by step conquered me. “-Gusiting·masike, ailong·masike’s first wife

He has a unique conversation skills

“I remember him saying is, ‘ I have conducted considerable researches on electric vehicles. Then he turned to me and asked, ‘ How do you see electric cars? ‘ “-Christie Nicholson, founder of Publet and ailong·masike at a party meet


Rich as a tramp: five things you didn't know ailong·Ma sikeyi smell

He is a rich bum

“He is a homeless man to some extent, this makes me feel a little funny. Musk will send email to me said, ‘ I don’t know where to spend the night tonight. Can I go there? ‘ I never gave him the keys and so on. “-Google boss Larry page

Rich as a tramp: five things you didn't know ailong·Ma sikeyi smell

(Oh why sound base ♂ full? )

He wanted to build a Tesla factory roller coaster

“Everybody’s Lounge has a slide. I actually wanted to put a roller-coaster-like Fimon, factory. Sit inside, you can travel around the factory, pitched like a real roller coaster. Who else owning factory roller coaster? Cost probably would be very expensive, but I had this idea. “-Ailong·masike

Rich as a tramp: five things you didn't know ailong·Ma sikeyi smell

He has played the game sort of dangerous

Acrobatic player of the ailongmasike ever make a throwing knife blows up the balloon, the balloon is caught between his legs. Juicy iPhone 5 case

“I have seen this circus, but I’m not worried about him makes my life die. And I think, unfortunately, hit my spots, it would only hit one. “-Ailong·masike

“If you like geek, I was beautiful. “Ailong·masike looks like a strange uncle of erratic play, but think his legendary resume, we would feel that all is as it should.

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