Android wear to Daxing to consider three points

Android wear to Daxing to consider three points

Digitimes reported that the industry sources in the know, Sony, LG, Motorola and ASUS have all launched Smart Watches based on the Android operating system Wear, Samsung, HTC and some Chinese manufacturers were initially released smart wearable device is likely based on their respective platforms. Sources say HTC and manufacturers in mainland China was developed based on the platform of smart wearable products, mainly because Android Wear eco-systems and lack of effective supportive environment such as AOL mail, and so on.

In my opinion, no Android Wear on the operating system, is not entirely without a valid reason of ecological environment and support environment. Any system cannot be effective when she recently launched eco-systems and support environment, requires developers to join in, contribute, to build. Unlikely to eat into fat. This obvious point, highly intelligent than monkey are impossible not to see the device manufacturer.

In fact, eco-system and environment are alibis.

There are many reasons.

On one hand: the Watch has not really been recognized by mainstream consumers. For now, it is only an optional extra objects, rather than as an essential tool, more of a gimmick, rather than just needs. Even the smart watch Gao Shuaifu Apple Watch, also does not solve the problem. Now, smart watches won’t see until tomorrow. Or even simply there is no tomorrow. In this case, well-known equipment manufacturers must not rush to flood the market, nor an early direction – God knows watch glasses fizzled like Google. Market, and never plan for. Watch out, do not hesitate to get rid of, then go to the next May. If it has a bright future, large-scale entry. This time, neither the danger of failure, it could make use of advantages–access to markets is just a seat, try to test the waters, such as smart watches in the future in case of big, good running around in circles. In other words, is now well-known manufacturers of more danger, not to watch intently as their pillar industry to do it. This time, it is not important what operating system (consumers choose to watch starting point definitely does not include operating system). Meanwhile, manufacturing is watching the wait-and-see, Android for Android wear dominated wear,iOS swept six on iOS, they are a group of manufacturers, temporize, to stand in the winner’s camp. These two situations would not participate in the Android wear eco-development. They are the icing on the role. They account for most of the well-known equipment manufacturers. Superman iPhone case

Other: Smartphone market has decided on the Smartphone operating system has settled, Smart Watch has just begun, it is wildness of the operating system. Right now, none of the operating systems, including Android wear, has an absolute advantage. This time, the enterprising manufacturers will inevitably have a little 99 – I think, no bold smart device manufacturers have no ambitions, they are unlikely to willingly work for Microsoft and Intel for a lifetime, whenever possible, they are willing to compose a song liberated serfs sing. Operating systems are too valuable and too make money. This is also the reason why Samsung dwell on the operating system-Yes, Android-based wear smart watches, there are two breaks out to join Sony and Motorola, but they did not occupy much larger markets, this time, Android wear can be challenging. Once the challenge is successful, smart watches found a breakthrough, selling into smart phones, is another giant.

Also: Google’s attitude towards Android manufacturers hit the alarm. Originally, mobile phone manufacturers have considerable latitude in Android, free, but gradually firmer footing with Android, Google’s attitude changed, freedom is disappearing 1.1 equipment manufacturers. September 2014, Google issued a new contract. According to what is set out in the new contract, such as LG, Samsung, HTC, and vendors such as Huawei, are installed in their new Android devices could be as high as 20 of Google apps (was 9). In addition, device manufacturers must also allow Google search becomes easier to access on the home screen, and the deployment of “OK Google” this is used to call out the voice command and perform a search. Smartphone manufacturers are becoming PC OEM manufacturers. Even worse than the PC OEM manufacturers. Google is not only control of the operating system, and also to control the phone’s screen. Originally, screen is the place of mobile phone manufacturers to make money – pre-installed is a cornucopia. The key point is that Google seems to be charging. At the beginning of 2014, the Guardian reported, Google is now prepared for GMS (Android is divided into two parts, AOSP+GMS. Based on GPL agreement, AOSP must be open source and free) charge: every OEM manufacturer to ship 100,000 Android devices that use GMS services, pay a license fee of US $ 75,000, out every Android device was equivalent to 75 cents (in China, using only the ASOP, only Amazon did it. Other manufacturers were not able to do, firstly, mobile phone manufacturers have participated in OHA,OHA is required, and secondly, users depend on Google for several applications, such as Google maps, Gmail,YouTube, left the GMS, many of these application functions can not be used). But then Google 9to5 clarifications, and the Guardian reported in error, but strange that Google only stressed that the GMS are still free, but from the manufacturer and no further indication whether other forms of fee charged. 9to5 considered the guardian refers to a transaction may exist in another form, such as OEM manufacturers to reach some sort of agreement with Google. If you do Google a favor, dominated by Android wear Smart Watches market, Google will do with OEM vendors?

In summary, Android wear to Tai Hing, to determine their position, you need to have ecological, shifty vendors desperate opportunist manufacturers join consumer recognition, as well as PC, regardless of what computer to buy, you want to install Windows.

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