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Recent price: BenQ W1080ST 8

BenQ projector launching, outside nice. The W1080ST is new this year, to 100-inch screen at a distance of 1.48 metres projection, support-d and 1080P, various parameters are quite good.

BenQ W1080ST recent low price of $ 888, about 5400 Yuan, cost about 6000 Yuan. Compared to domestic licensed 8600 price advantages are clear. Although there is no guarantee a little pain, but bad light bulb problem, is not much of a problem. Vans case Vans case

Vans case

Purchase address

Recent price: BenQ W1080ST 8
Recent price: BenQ W1080ST 8
GoPro Hero4 Silver

690 votes

GoPro Hero4 Silver

As a camera not only do the camera, holding a bunch of extreme sports videos in the Youtube, further down the hearts of grass when GoPro spelling is not the hardware of the camera itself. Sports culture as the core, and relatively good hardware and accessories, GoPro sports camera is you want to do, “Red Bull”, once the GoPro truly “moving camera” yardstick of all latecomers, no matter how cheap the price. Performance highlights, will have to face many problems faced by such domestic beverage Red Bull, users to buy or not to buy you, depends entirely on how much you like “Red Bull”.

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