New research MIT with an old car battery production of solar cells

  Recently, MIT announced that researchers they have found an abandoned car battery from the method of making solar cells, not only abandoned auto parts can be reused, while also reducing the production costs of solar cells. Have to say, in terms of environmental pollution is a very clever technological breakthroughs.

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  Essentially, MIT researchers have figured out how to extract from the old car battery lead element, and as a component of solar cells. Massachusetts Institute of biology and materials science and engineering, Professor Angela Belcher, said, produced by this method entirely comparable in efficiency of solar cells with high purity, commercialization of raw materials produced in perovskite-type solar cell.

New research: MIT with an old car battery production of solar cells

  Now, researchers are trying to use solar technology perovskite-type as a basis for making highly efficient solar cells. Research teams are improving their research, perovskite-type solar cells is not easy in a wet environment was degraded. But they found a problem, most solar cells using perovskite produced all contain lead. Valentino iPhone cases

  Earlier, the Massachusetts Institute of technology, Department of chemical engineering Dean David h. Koch argues that while the lead is toxic, but they can be encapsulated in a different material, and then used in consumer devices. However, this is very negative for environmental protection, mining lead in the process may result in large amounts of toxic gases being released into the atmosphere. This is why MIT’s researchers consider need to develop lead why the source of the material used to produce solar cells.

  In their view, scrap the car battery lead is a perfect resource, although not a new lead, but lead recovery in terms of solar cell performance is not to be discounted. Professor Angela Belcher, said that she and her colleagues had found a method of extracting lead from old car batteries, this method is very simple, just car batteries to open, and then from the battery lead electrode can be a scrape. Valentino iPhone 6 case

  Of course, most people should not try this approach, researchers say, open the battery is very dangerous because it contains sulphuric acid and toxic lead. Obviously, this is a study not only benefit the environment but also to the benefit of mankind, used car batteries will be used for the manufacture of solar cells, rather than into the trash in landfills.

  Battery technology is rapidly expanding in the future, we will have a new, more effective alternatives. At present, the United States of 250 million lead-acid car batteries will cause very serious pollution to the environment. Professor Angela Belcher said: “if we are able to lead in these batteries for the production of solar cells, that would be a win-win situation. ”

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