Movie will become reality on Mars NASA intends to grow potatoes

  If you look at the words of Ridley Scott’s film of the Mars rescue, I think you should know that this kind of food on the red planet is not a simple matter: the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere is 95%, we have little evidence there is enough water to sustain life.

  And now, as reported in the foreign media ScienceAlert, a group of the International Potato Center (CIP) and the United States NASA (NASA) ‘s team of researchers are trying to grow potatoes and Mars-like environment.

Movie will become reality on Mars, NASA intends to grow potatoes

  The main objectives of this programme are: to test whether we can grow food on the surface of Mars (if people can really go there), and second, developed under the most adverse conditions on Earth to grow potatoes, if there is a method of crack will be able to save the lives of millions of people on Earth.

  ”Die with a 2 billion years ago than growing crops on the planet, and what better way to understand climate change?” Joel Ranck comes from the International Potato Center, says, “we need people to understand is, if we are able to grow potatoes under extreme conditions like Mars, then we will be able to save life on Earth. ”

  In the lab, scientists of the project with Peru desert patterns and artificial conditions of extremely high atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide as simulated Mars environment. Carbon dioxide may actually help the potatoes grow faster, the first case of human settlers on the planet Mars, which could be crucial. Hello Kitty iPhone 6 Case

  At present, worldwide up to 842 million the number of people affected by the famine. As malnutrition, deteriorating state of global warming and poverty, soil quality is getting worse on Earth, has been spread of pests and diseases. In such difficult conditions, it can grow a crop is very important: the potatoes are nutritious, but also is a source of vitamin c, iron, and zinc.

  From California, Lima and Dubai’s lab team will work on top of this scheme, they hope their research will help people to better recognize that the humble potato will help people to solve world hunger. When we were leaving for Mars sometime in 2030 and beyond, this study will become more valuable.

  Chris Mckay of NASA said: “this research project is to establish farm standards, man to grow food in space may soon become a reality. “His colleague Melissa Guzman said:” we see scientific, educational and humanitarian goals are intertwined, creating communities of Mars at the same time, our students will also develop an earth community. ”

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