Materialism to create a GPS screw bike anti lost Liang Chen want to solve

When buying a bike, consumer, one of the largest concerns are: the car was stolen, what will happen? Especially moving the prices of thousands of or tens of thousands of sport bikes. Terminal store owner would convey this information to consumers: the person does not leave the car, not away from the people. If you are feeling anxious to get a lock, but it is a good initiative to theft (locking) for the owner is just an ineffective placebo. So often it was jokingly said: bicycle more than 3000 Yuan would not have to buy a lock, because it “anti-gentleman but can’t.”

This also in part reflects the bike to the present, anti-theft function still cannot be effectively addressed. A what kind of bike theft-proof products can meet the user’s needs?

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Lei Feng Web fun smart’s founder, who has been in high-end bikes 9 years with charger Chi products and marketing experience of Liang Chen, talked of the products they make: Zhixin (see the following figure). It is a sport bike is replaceable hanger cores (a similar expansion screws part is the front fork and the main parts of the State).

Believe that a lot of people have this question: used bike hanger cores to anti-theft, kaopu do? But before the conclusion, we might as well find out if they make this product what is the logic.

Why is hang-core shape of this product?

For the location to install parts on the bike, fun-smart teams are basically polished, and finally found the only hanging core can meet their original vision for the product:

Performance: antenna (built-in GPS and Internet cards) components must be facing up to ensure stability;

User: external damage vehicle aesthetics, easy to take, it is hidden;

Products must have a strong sense of universality and compatibility, suitable for most bike models;

Easy to install;

For factories, if made into other products, will produce different specifications of products resulting in factory inventories increased, the factory is not willing to take that risk. In addition, lift cores as a standard part of the bike, compared to other parts such as handlebars, stem, seat post or seat, the user replacement costs and purchasing costs are very low. According to Liang Chen said its replacement cost about 1 Yuan, for high-end sport bikes might be 10 Yuan.

In function and design has been improved?

Product iteration 3 times total. They found hanging in the development of the first edition of the core commonality is not high, you cannot install some non-industry-standard models. In addition, the expansion of the original structure can also lead to its compatibility is not enough on the bike, circuit board wiring way complicated. GUCCI iPhone Case

So they again on the product in General and the internal wiring changes to improve the core of versatility of the bike (adapter model) and compatibility (different models).

In the area of selection, most began using plastics, but the sample intensity, texture has been harder to stand out. So in the Second Edition to 6061 aluminum alloy material, but the actual installation found in tests using this material can cause hanging core break. Finally they replaced 7005 aluminum, this material belongs to the aviation aluminum-alloy, compared to the preceding two paragraphs of material, it is stronger, lighter and highlights texture.

In addition, it is also more concise on the appearance of structural improvements from the original 6 components into 3 parts: the shell, and screws.

What are the characteristics?

Core-this hanging position is a response to an exercise bike user group, product idea clear: equipment and bicycle-bound, achieved by judge vehicle anti-theft, anti-uses low power Bluetooth security solutions. By scanning QR codes on your device, verification form a matching between mobile phones and devices. Features are as follows:

Anti-theft function: daily to track in real time after alarm or stolen;

Automation: automated security solutions prevent, track record, for logging the invalid data is system filters;

Phone: consumption of products is the power of the device itself (built in 1600 mAh lithium-ion battery);

OEMs: integrating top-loading factory can create a new selling point;

It security logic is this: within three minutes of the vehicle know bikes have exceptions, and put it back in a timely manner, so from that respect, burglar might as well say it is not so much a lost prevention methods. Liang Chen thinks active anti-theft is a psychological comfort, the vehicle is a few seconds, and the significance of this product is that it can track bike location through GPS location in real time, find the car so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

In addition, the built-in 1600 mAh lithium-ion battery can meet every 2-3 hours of riding time, can guarantee a week on a single charge, weekend two days of round-the-clock likes and riding. When running out of electricity when running core, APP alerts the user via mobile phone recharge for mobile power supply or DC charging in two ways.

In addition to the GPS module, this product has built-in a networking card (subject to renewal, and 5 Yuan/month), but the mileage rewards mobile APP settings, if a user riding miles meets the system requirements for each month will be free, so not only is encouraging users to ride more, also increase the user’s use of its stickiness. APP riding the cloud, we can query the wisdom of heart electricity information, tracking information, and so on.

For product development, Liang Chen had such a vision will ride through life and intelligent life. For example, winter cycling exercise wants to go home to take a hot bath, while there were several kilometers away from home, the home of the water heater will automatically heat to boil water, air conditioner will automatically open. By suspending cell and smart home products automate the integration of operations.

This is the direction they want to do in the future, but can bring real help to the user, depends on how effectively they integrate such resources.

Although this product is for sport cycling groups, product positioning and crowd is clearer, but would the public accept this kind of “security” concept, users call the shots in the end.

Dialogue with the creator, find product highlights-“materialist” is a network of Lei feng to create brand products reported (General number: okweiwu). We care about a product is, where it came from, where you want to go. Wishes to do the same in the hardware industry, read the “materialistic” articles can be of inspiration.

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Samsung Galaxy S6

1626 votes

Samsung Galaxy S6

On the whole, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 material just as Apple launched iPhone 4 o’clock it was amazing. Volume-high location and handset design and overall did not match, is the place where I feel will improve on the design.
Functions, fingerprints and photographs are very powerful, I heard more than one peer praise these two features “as well as iPhone” or even “better than iPhone”. Systems experience, Samsung and all other international companies choose to be consistent–move closer to the native Android system, compared to before the Samsung fully customized systems, more modern, more fresh, naturally, was easier to use.

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Rich wayward wealthy businessman paid 1 million euros to buy a potato photo

Rich wayward: wealthy businessman paid 1 million euros to buy a potato photo

  According to the United Kingdom, the independent reported, Ireland well-known photographer Kevin (Kevin Abosch) recently admitted in 2010 he filmed a piece of Ireland pictures of potatoes last year to € 1 million (£ 750,000) for the price of an unnamed businessman in Europe. It is reported that since it is commercial photography Kevin sold the most expensive single piece.

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  It is reported that this potato photo shoot in 2010, and Steven Spielberg (United States Director), Michael Palin (United Kingdom actor), snow Li·sangdeboge (Facebook Chief Operating Officer) and malala·youshafu matches (Pakistani activist girl) portraits make up Kevin’s popular photo portfolio. His photographs of portraits portraits often with at least £ 200,000 at auction. Michael Kors Case

  Kevin told the Sunday Times, said: “this is not the first time someone from my exhibition buy photos directly on the wall. “He also said:” we drank two glasses of wine, the merchant said, ‘ I really want that picture ‘, and then drank two glasses of wine, the merchant said, ‘ I really wanted that picture. ‘ “We set the price after two weeks, which ever I sell the most expensive works. ”

  It is reported that the Ireland photographer portraits taken with black as the background in the wealthy and celebrities are highly sought after. But he said himself at the time of this potato photo shoot, does not know that this photo will give him what he shot many photos of potatoes for their own photo series of a special series. As to why potatoes, his explanation was simple: because I like it.

[Article correction] Michael Kors Case

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New research MIT with an old car battery production of solar cells

  Recently, MIT announced that researchers they have found an abandoned car battery from the method of making solar cells, not only abandoned auto parts can be reused, while also reducing the production costs of solar cells. Have to say, in terms of environmental pollution is a very clever technological breakthroughs.

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  Essentially, MIT researchers have figured out how to extract from the old car battery lead element, and as a component of solar cells. Massachusetts Institute of biology and materials science and engineering, Professor Angela Belcher, said, produced by this method entirely comparable in efficiency of solar cells with high purity, commercialization of raw materials produced in perovskite-type solar cell.

New research: MIT with an old car battery production of solar cells

  Now, researchers are trying to use solar technology perovskite-type as a basis for making highly efficient solar cells. Research teams are improving their research, perovskite-type solar cells is not easy in a wet environment was degraded. But they found a problem, most solar cells using perovskite produced all contain lead. Valentino iPhone cases

  Earlier, the Massachusetts Institute of technology, Department of chemical engineering Dean David h. Koch argues that while the lead is toxic, but they can be encapsulated in a different material, and then used in consumer devices. However, this is very negative for environmental protection, mining lead in the process may result in large amounts of toxic gases being released into the atmosphere. This is why MIT’s researchers consider need to develop lead why the source of the material used to produce solar cells.

  In their view, scrap the car battery lead is a perfect resource, although not a new lead, but lead recovery in terms of solar cell performance is not to be discounted. Professor Angela Belcher, said that she and her colleagues had found a method of extracting lead from old car batteries, this method is very simple, just car batteries to open, and then from the battery lead electrode can be a scrape. Valentino iPhone 6 case

  Of course, most people should not try this approach, researchers say, open the battery is very dangerous because it contains sulphuric acid and toxic lead. Obviously, this is a study not only benefit the environment but also to the benefit of mankind, used car batteries will be used for the manufacture of solar cells, rather than into the trash in landfills.

  Battery technology is rapidly expanding in the future, we will have a new, more effective alternatives. At present, the United States of 250 million lead-acid car batteries will cause very serious pollution to the environment. Professor Angela Belcher said: “if we are able to lead in these batteries for the production of solar cells, that would be a win-win situation. ”

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Movie will become reality on Mars NASA intends to grow potatoes

  If you look at the words of Ridley Scott’s film of the Mars rescue, I think you should know that this kind of food on the red planet is not a simple matter: the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere is 95%, we have little evidence there is enough water to sustain life.

  And now, as reported in the foreign media ScienceAlert, a group of the International Potato Center (CIP) and the United States NASA (NASA) ‘s team of researchers are trying to grow potatoes and Mars-like environment.

Movie will become reality on Mars, NASA intends to grow potatoes

  The main objectives of this programme are: to test whether we can grow food on the surface of Mars (if people can really go there), and second, developed under the most adverse conditions on Earth to grow potatoes, if there is a method of crack will be able to save the lives of millions of people on Earth.

  ”Die with a 2 billion years ago than growing crops on the planet, and what better way to understand climate change?” Joel Ranck comes from the International Potato Center, says, “we need people to understand is, if we are able to grow potatoes under extreme conditions like Mars, then we will be able to save life on Earth. ”

  In the lab, scientists of the project with Peru desert patterns and artificial conditions of extremely high atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide as simulated Mars environment. Carbon dioxide may actually help the potatoes grow faster, the first case of human settlers on the planet Mars, which could be crucial. Hello Kitty iPhone 6 Case

  At present, worldwide up to 842 million the number of people affected by the famine. As malnutrition, deteriorating state of global warming and poverty, soil quality is getting worse on Earth, has been spread of pests and diseases. In such difficult conditions, it can grow a crop is very important: the potatoes are nutritious, but also is a source of vitamin c, iron, and zinc.

  From California, Lima and Dubai’s lab team will work on top of this scheme, they hope their research will help people to better recognize that the humble potato will help people to solve world hunger. When we were leaving for Mars sometime in 2030 and beyond, this study will become more valuable.

  Chris Mckay of NASA said: “this research project is to establish farm standards, man to grow food in space may soon become a reality. “His colleague Melissa Guzman said:” we see scientific, educational and humanitarian goals are intertwined, creating communities of Mars at the same time, our students will also develop an earth community. ”

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Netqin completed 2 million share repurchase plan

Once malicious service on a mobile phone of the user and showcase at the 2011 315 party netqin, announced Executive complete the repurchase program totaling $ 2 million. Includes two co-CEO and COO, executive team spent half the year, self-financing repurchase shares on the open market starting from June 6, 2012, until December 6, finally completed the buyback program worth 2 million US dollars. Disney case

Netqin previously announced November 26, will be completed within 12 months of $ 20 million worth of stock buy-back program was announced also included “netqin periodic assessment of the share buy-back of the Board and may make adjustments to the terms and scale of” such a description. Does this mean that the announced 2 million dollars buyback scheme is planned results? Netqin has provided more explanation for this.

Observation network shares in Qin dynasty, Qin can be seen in the network announced that it would repurchase $ 20 million stock news, does not have the significant rise in stock prices.

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Xinjiang Matrice 100 open flying platforms

1192 votes

Disney iPhone plus case

Xinjiang Matrice 100 open flying platforms

DJI Matrice 100 open flying platform is designed to provide innovative application developers in the field of UAV development platform, it is not for ordinary consumers. Matrice is equipped with several communication interfaces, power supplies, and extension, users can install various types of equipment on the platform and to obtain flight data and control mechanisms, loading 1kg 20 minutes flying time, carrying extra batteries can be up to 40 minutes.

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This bottle of wine is a bottle turn upside after it becomes a wine glass

This bottle of wine is a bottle, turn upside after it becomes a wine glass

In some cases, we do not have glasses, but we suddenly want to drink, what should we do? Are good friends, then it must be the bottle blowing, but if you treat the girl, would inevitably have to pay attention to emotional appeal–this time, the United States of Innovative Design Service company the interesting ideas, appropriate: Marcelo Burlon for iPhone 5

Marcelo Burlon for iPhone 5


Simply put, this is Korea’s brand products of a package design, the glass bottle, usually looks like half a wine gourd, in addition to the line is softer, liquor bottles and usually it is not much of a difference. But if you buy it, you will find the mystery–the bottom of the bottle comes with a cushion, with a Groove in the Middle, the bottle would be turned and inserted into the Groove with slender neck, Ah-ha, a chalice was born! Marcelo Burlon iPhone Case


At this time, gently slit glass seal, clink it ~