Win version 10 also had the Raider the rise of the PC version to

  Even though it is being masked by the shadows of the gods for fallout 4 but the Raider: there is no doubt that the rise is a masterpiece. More players will experience it soon, because the PC version is going to fully arrive.

Paul Frank

Win version 10 also had the Raider: the rise of the PC version to

  ”Overall,” the word, because it has now been confirmed the landing Steam and Windows Store the two platforms. That is in addition to the familiar Steam Digital Edition, it also has a dedicated Windows version 10. Paul Frank iPhone 6 Plus Case

  Steam purchase page now appears in the version of the game platform stores official website, while the Windows version 10 details are still unknown, Windows Store official Twitter announced that it “is at hand.” Don’t know how Microsoft will bring Windows exclusive version is 10 benefits, after all Steam platform of choice for gamers.

  The Raider: the rise is the Tomb Raider reboot after the second. LaOla·kelao Crawford no longer exaggerated figure as a selling point, the game will focus on her adventures. Even though it and the fallout 4 positive plus Xbox exclusive greatly affect sales, but its evaluation is actually very good. Paul Frank

  Fortunately, Xbox exclusive is only temporary. According to Steam purchase page information, PC Edition will go on sale in January 2016. However, the Windows version 10 available for sale are not synchronized, it is not clear.

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