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Want to talk about start-up teams to participate in the Summit.

Circle of friends was recently GMIC (global mobile Internet Conference) crowding the screen, also a friend of mine asked me if I was not there, and meet changing business cards. Well, what can I say? In short, I do not think this forum or Summit for start-ups, participants will even have side effects, especially for those products not yet formed teams. Some people may not agree with, please listen to me, and see what makes sense.

Entrepreneurs to a summit without depends on which of the following purposes (use GMIC slogans, they extracted perfectly good):

Listening leader views

To the industry to promote your brand

Collide with cutting-edge innovators

Ties and establish connections with the world

Start-up team, the goal is hardly worthless and waste valuable time is small, going astray is large. Kenzo iPad Mini

First, listen to leaders is not than read more

Industry leader’s point of view, of course, but the vast majority of their views have been fully reported in various media, unlikely to be in such a situation what shaking zzzzzzzzz reappeared under a new perspective. Frequently focus on the Tiger sniffed, 36kr, pioneering State media such as the Internet, which leaders have what, in fact, is very clear. Not a new Conference, they will not keep to the Summit said.

In addition, they worry that the openness of speech, speech will be more conservative, conservative who offend, that content really in-flight. From this aspect, the share will be more suitable for some of the smaller, circle is often called “dry goods” more.

Outside of listening, some entrepreneurs would have to have face to face and leaders to exchange ideas, wants leaders to see themselves, looking for investments. Rest assured, the National Conference Center easily accommodate thousands of field operation system, the General Assembly will give you the opportunity, died of the heart.

Secondly, the Summit is not to promote start-up brand good channel

I would like to ask a question, your product out yet?

If not, you do not soak in your target audience, not sucking needs with product development team, run to this place to pretend to b. I’m sorry, say bad words. When I was younger, one from my partner is so call me, now that I think is justified.

If the product is out, just want to brand, but you can try it, but it’s not a good channel. Speaks of the Summit was preaching, need bosses gathered reporters again to join, and who’s going to watch you roll up in the corner?

Even attend trade shows, like CES (Consumer Electronics Show), CCBN (China International exhibition of broadcast and television information network), outside of take back a pile of business cards, however, there is no harvest, particularly for those 2C of the brand.

Why is it that you can try it, because it depends on the team have the brains to figure out how to attract attention. Have participated in the old hammer launches, publishing outside of the venue there is a banner advertising of their products play a hammer team, entry of the subconscious for most of the fans think this is a hammer family of products, easy to get promotional materials, admission is coming to an end only by security, how high do you think about this exposure. This is taking advantage of marketing, not necessarily near the Summit.

Third, collide with cutting-edge innovators is a poison, and targeted user collisions is honey

If you just want to collision and cutting-edge innovators and entrepreneurs gathered well, Beijing Zhongguancun Street, Shanghai Zhang Jiang, Shenzhen Nanshan science and technology park. Where countless pioneering Café full of excited young man, grab a can talk to you for a long time. Question is, does this make sense?

Frankly, this pointless mess into the collision is toxic. Its called sharing, but he does not know what your users need. You talked, he listened. “Nice! “、”GREAT! “,” Interesting “,” Let me try out some “,” sounds good “really sounds good, the truth is: who-is-out-in-the-home-looks-good-it.

If you feel your product is really good, estimates on how to begin to tell you how to do platform Portal concept. If you listen to the lies, and began plotting how to take limited resources to do unlimited things, payment platform, advertising platforms, statistics and so on and so on, until you run out of resources. I’m sorry, take myself for example, who did not want to see more jump into the pit.

Users ‘ pain points, only you and your competitors are most aware of details of what kind of tools and features to resolve those pain points is your core. You share with competitors the results.

At this point, I admire the user ass product team. Their roots in their professional fields, rely on technology and products in the industry have a big name, not (claimed) platform, not bragging. Such a team, North of cat’s eye, South Xinjiang.

Kenzo iPad Mini

Finally, connected with the world of bond is VPN

For the domestic market of the product team, automatically ignored.

If the product is aimed at the international market, better link is all over the wall artifact and Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Summit can’t give you the link. At the Summit, hardly find foreigners to communicate in private. Of course, the soy sauce may have.

If you get a chance, can human flesh over the wall to go abroad with the locals, is the most effective means.

You’re not a peak, what … …


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