Qualcomm patent policy angered Korea antitrust regulators or been fined

Qualcomm patent policy angered Korea antitrust regulators or been fined

  Beijing time on December 15, Korea FTC antitrust agencies (Fair Trade Commission) is to antitrust investigation into Qualcomm, they will assess the Qualcomm’s licensing mechanism, until then, Qualcomm has since the issue was China punishable by hefty fines.

  Involved in the investigation of Korea official said: “Korea is review of Qualcomm’s patents strategy early next year or first quarter of next year, Korea regulators will on high pass out tickets because Korea investigators had obtained evidence can fully prove that Qualcomm’s licensing mechanism violated Korea competition law. “The official also said that:” the penalty is likely to be millions of dollars. ”

  Korea FTC also prepared to high standards set no ceiling on licensing fees, and will also ban high-throughput over a period of time within the main Korea launched patent litigation partner. Microsoft buys Nokia Smartphone business Korea made similar demands, after Microsoft agreed to deals with access to Korea’s approval.

  FTC has issued letters to Qualcomm, alleging Qualcomm hindering competitors using the standard required patent, bundled together in the standards essential patents other patents sale and let other companies using standards essential patents and then as a condition to pay lower prices than other enterprises, which is violation of Korea’s competition law.

Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+

  Qualcomm issued 1 billion yuan have been ticketed before China because it violated China’s anti-monopoly law. Last year alone, Qualcomm’s royalty income in China reached 8.65 billion yuan.

  In Korea, Qualcomm has many important strategic partners, such as Samsung and LG, Qualcomm could accepts Korea regulatory penalties. Qualcomm has a strong business, its long-term competitiveness, this model will sometimes be misinterpreted by the market. In some ways Qualcomm is not just a chip company, it is a licensing giant. Through the huge revenues, Qualcomm to compete with rivals can put more money into research and development, and this is where Qualcomm prides. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 Plus Case

  When the market is more and more uncertain, Samsung and LG are looking to cut costs, or even to get help from the Government to weather the hard times. Samsung telecommunications sector each year are paid huge fee for wireless patent to Qualcomm, Samsung chip sector has been in a single chip solution and application processor achieved some results, but its Galaxy devices still use high-throughput technologies.

  Samsung’s chip Division as a contract manufacturer for high-throughput design chips. Samsung executives, who asked not to be named said: “the relationship between Samsung and Qualcomm are complex, we are both a competitor and friend. If Korea regulator punished Qualcomm, Samsung telecommunications sector is favourable, but Samsung’s semiconductor sector is another. ”

[Article correction] Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+

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