6 million passwords leaked how do we protect your password

Recently, the cloud networks out of barley NET (Damai.com) user password database in the online sale, involving up to more than 6 million users!

Hello Kitty iPad

 6 million passwords leaked, how do we protect your password?

Using an MD5 decrypted password, and network can be found at barley.

 6 million passwords leaked, how do we protect your password?

Of leaking data out of three adjacent account log in, caught its user ID is continuous, is already technically prove that data has a lot of suspicion. Barley currently network user information disclosure has been confirmed the authenticity of the message and emergency announcements, notification of barley net users to modify their own password, and early prevention of collision risk from much the same password.

What is the library? What does it mean?

Library, also known as “torco”, usually due to some small Web server security measures are not in place, hacking, dragged out of the database, export the user name and password, and then used in other places. For example with some selling to Internet “thing”. Hello Kitty iPad

Hit the library, is in the “good” through a number of means to obtain a large number of user name and password, this account password to the website tries to land, (software automatically, some identification code can automatically identify) hit an OK. This means that once a user has in a number of sites that use the same password as long as one of the security measures in place were not, all of the user’s account information are under threat!

In fact, access to data within the database and a website does not necessarily require very advanced technology and cost, a man who mastered some basic hacking techniques coupled with a powerful hacking tools and more efficient, you can complete the “drag” task, once the illegal acquisition of the database are used to hit the library, will often cause even more damage.

Hazards-the domino effect of passwords

On December 21, 2011, the database on the Internet is crazy forwarded by a professional website, including 600yuwange Express registered mail and password disclosure, a large number of affected users for this night to change the password. Since then, 178 games NET 5 websites a user database and rendering open, more media exposure has dozens of large site hackers “drag” the password to the peak of the crisis of the end of 2011. As password crisis four years ago, now more than 6 million network user information has been online selling of barley, once they are “people” be used, continue to hit other Web sites, is likely to trigger a series of knock-on effects that password disclosure, more Web site’s data will be released by hackers.

Although article pitiangaidi on how to set a strong password, but many Internet users still used for email, Tweets, games, online payment and shopping accounts set the same password.

Once the database is compromised, all of the user information is available to the public, anyone can take the password to all attempts to log on to the Web site. For an average user may cause damage to property, personal privacy or disclosure, scammers use your information pretending to be a customer service for a series of frauds. Sensitive to some users in the financial industry, which sometimes fatal hazards!

Password to prevent collision–you have made a “taboo”

According to 2014 a ticketing Web site the user information data on users ‘ password habits survey, found that a large number of Internet users in the set password is making these taboo, please check whether:

, Password contains commonly used words, birthday, phone number, name or abbreviation;

Second, never change the password, a password for many years;

Third, all passwords are saved in the computer, the browser;

Four, password length is too low, all-digital;

Five, the secret security measures is not set or the secondary verification;

If you set a password when any of these “taboo”, will also increase the risk of your account was stolen and, therefore, develop a good password habits, is necessary for ensuring account security.

Improving account security options

First, set a strong password: form using uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, non-numeric symbols combination; Hello Kitty case

Second, regular password: change your password on a regular basis, monthly, or quarterly change, and never put a password in clear text on paper;

Third, in different networks using different passwords, and use more secure passwords for important system;

Four, the password is not saved in the local: General browser saved password is not a good encryption policies, which often opened the door for hackers to crack passwords;

Five, use a more secure authentication method: If you think your password is too complex to remember, you can scan the QR code login, login, fingerprint log on brush faces, each of which is safer and more convenient than traditional passwords, simply install a phone authentication software such as onion token can be realized.

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