Win version 10 also had the Raider the rise of the PC version to

  Even though it is being masked by the shadows of the gods for fallout 4 but the Raider: there is no doubt that the rise is a masterpiece. More players will experience it soon, because the PC version is going to fully arrive.

Paul Frank

Win version 10 also had the Raider: the rise of the PC version to

  ”Overall,” the word, because it has now been confirmed the landing Steam and Windows Store the two platforms. That is in addition to the familiar Steam Digital Edition, it also has a dedicated Windows version 10. Paul Frank iPhone 6 Plus Case

  Steam purchase page now appears in the version of the game platform stores official website, while the Windows version 10 details are still unknown, Windows Store official Twitter announced that it “is at hand.” Don’t know how Microsoft will bring Windows exclusive version is 10 benefits, after all Steam platform of choice for gamers.

  The Raider: the rise is the Tomb Raider reboot after the second. LaOla·kelao Crawford no longer exaggerated figure as a selling point, the game will focus on her adventures. Even though it and the fallout 4 positive plus Xbox exclusive greatly affect sales, but its evaluation is actually very good. Paul Frank

  Fortunately, Xbox exclusive is only temporary. According to Steam purchase page information, PC Edition will go on sale in January 2016. However, the Windows version 10 available for sale are not synchronized, it is not clear.

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Treasure venture away from the Summit

Text/Hou Guangmin, are, however, interested in video communities handyman

Want to talk about start-up teams to participate in the Summit.

Circle of friends was recently GMIC (global mobile Internet Conference) crowding the screen, also a friend of mine asked me if I was not there, and meet changing business cards. Well, what can I say? In short, I do not think this forum or Summit for start-ups, participants will even have side effects, especially for those products not yet formed teams. Some people may not agree with, please listen to me, and see what makes sense.

Entrepreneurs to a summit without depends on which of the following purposes (use GMIC slogans, they extracted perfectly good):

Listening leader views

To the industry to promote your brand

Collide with cutting-edge innovators

Ties and establish connections with the world

Start-up team, the goal is hardly worthless and waste valuable time is small, going astray is large. Kenzo iPad Mini

First, listen to leaders is not than read more

Industry leader’s point of view, of course, but the vast majority of their views have been fully reported in various media, unlikely to be in such a situation what shaking zzzzzzzzz reappeared under a new perspective. Frequently focus on the Tiger sniffed, 36kr, pioneering State media such as the Internet, which leaders have what, in fact, is very clear. Not a new Conference, they will not keep to the Summit said.

In addition, they worry that the openness of speech, speech will be more conservative, conservative who offend, that content really in-flight. From this aspect, the share will be more suitable for some of the smaller, circle is often called “dry goods” more.

Outside of listening, some entrepreneurs would have to have face to face and leaders to exchange ideas, wants leaders to see themselves, looking for investments. Rest assured, the National Conference Center easily accommodate thousands of field operation system, the General Assembly will give you the opportunity, died of the heart.

Secondly, the Summit is not to promote start-up brand good channel

I would like to ask a question, your product out yet?

If not, you do not soak in your target audience, not sucking needs with product development team, run to this place to pretend to b. I’m sorry, say bad words. When I was younger, one from my partner is so call me, now that I think is justified.

If the product is out, just want to brand, but you can try it, but it’s not a good channel. Speaks of the Summit was preaching, need bosses gathered reporters again to join, and who’s going to watch you roll up in the corner?

Even attend trade shows, like CES (Consumer Electronics Show), CCBN (China International exhibition of broadcast and television information network), outside of take back a pile of business cards, however, there is no harvest, particularly for those 2C of the brand.

Why is it that you can try it, because it depends on the team have the brains to figure out how to attract attention. Have participated in the old hammer launches, publishing outside of the venue there is a banner advertising of their products play a hammer team, entry of the subconscious for most of the fans think this is a hammer family of products, easy to get promotional materials, admission is coming to an end only by security, how high do you think about this exposure. This is taking advantage of marketing, not necessarily near the Summit.

Third, collide with cutting-edge innovators is a poison, and targeted user collisions is honey

If you just want to collision and cutting-edge innovators and entrepreneurs gathered well, Beijing Zhongguancun Street, Shanghai Zhang Jiang, Shenzhen Nanshan science and technology park. Where countless pioneering Café full of excited young man, grab a can talk to you for a long time. Question is, does this make sense?

Frankly, this pointless mess into the collision is toxic. Its called sharing, but he does not know what your users need. You talked, he listened. “Nice! “、”GREAT! “,” Interesting “,” Let me try out some “,” sounds good “really sounds good, the truth is: who-is-out-in-the-home-looks-good-it.

If you feel your product is really good, estimates on how to begin to tell you how to do platform Portal concept. If you listen to the lies, and began plotting how to take limited resources to do unlimited things, payment platform, advertising platforms, statistics and so on and so on, until you run out of resources. I’m sorry, take myself for example, who did not want to see more jump into the pit.

Users ‘ pain points, only you and your competitors are most aware of details of what kind of tools and features to resolve those pain points is your core. You share with competitors the results.

At this point, I admire the user ass product team. Their roots in their professional fields, rely on technology and products in the industry have a big name, not (claimed) platform, not bragging. Such a team, North of cat’s eye, South Xinjiang.

Kenzo iPad Mini

Finally, connected with the world of bond is VPN

For the domestic market of the product team, automatically ignored.

If the product is aimed at the international market, better link is all over the wall artifact and Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Summit can’t give you the link. At the Summit, hardly find foreigners to communicate in private. Of course, the soy sauce may have.

If you get a chance, can human flesh over the wall to go abroad with the locals, is the most effective means.

You’re not a peak, what … …


Millet router

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Millet router Kenzo Cases

As millet router upgrade, new millet router global launch Broadcom Broadcom 4709C dual-core 1.4GHz CPU, with separate 512MB system Flash memory with 4 Gigabit wired network interface, built-in Seagate/Toshiba professional supervisory-level hard drive, normal 1TB, optional 6TB, support for mobile phones and cameras automatically upload.

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Qualcomm patent policy angered Korea antitrust regulators or been fined

Qualcomm patent policy angered Korea antitrust regulators or been fined

  Beijing time on December 15, Korea FTC antitrust agencies (Fair Trade Commission) is to antitrust investigation into Qualcomm, they will assess the Qualcomm’s licensing mechanism, until then, Qualcomm has since the issue was China punishable by hefty fines.

  Involved in the investigation of Korea official said: “Korea is review of Qualcomm’s patents strategy early next year or first quarter of next year, Korea regulators will on high pass out tickets because Korea investigators had obtained evidence can fully prove that Qualcomm’s licensing mechanism violated Korea competition law. “The official also said that:” the penalty is likely to be millions of dollars. ”

  Korea FTC also prepared to high standards set no ceiling on licensing fees, and will also ban high-throughput over a period of time within the main Korea launched patent litigation partner. Microsoft buys Nokia Smartphone business Korea made similar demands, after Microsoft agreed to deals with access to Korea’s approval.

  FTC has issued letters to Qualcomm, alleging Qualcomm hindering competitors using the standard required patent, bundled together in the standards essential patents other patents sale and let other companies using standards essential patents and then as a condition to pay lower prices than other enterprises, which is violation of Korea’s competition law.

Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+

  Qualcomm issued 1 billion yuan have been ticketed before China because it violated China’s anti-monopoly law. Last year alone, Qualcomm’s royalty income in China reached 8.65 billion yuan.

  In Korea, Qualcomm has many important strategic partners, such as Samsung and LG, Qualcomm could accepts Korea regulatory penalties. Qualcomm has a strong business, its long-term competitiveness, this model will sometimes be misinterpreted by the market. In some ways Qualcomm is not just a chip company, it is a licensing giant. Through the huge revenues, Qualcomm to compete with rivals can put more money into research and development, and this is where Qualcomm prides. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 Plus Case

  When the market is more and more uncertain, Samsung and LG are looking to cut costs, or even to get help from the Government to weather the hard times. Samsung telecommunications sector each year are paid huge fee for wireless patent to Qualcomm, Samsung chip sector has been in a single chip solution and application processor achieved some results, but its Galaxy devices still use high-throughput technologies.

  Samsung’s chip Division as a contract manufacturer for high-throughput design chips. Samsung executives, who asked not to be named said: “the relationship between Samsung and Qualcomm are complex, we are both a competitor and friend. If Korea regulator punished Qualcomm, Samsung telecommunications sector is favourable, but Samsung’s semiconductor sector is another. ”

[Article correction] Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+

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6 million passwords leaked how do we protect your password

Recently, the cloud networks out of barley NET ( user password database in the online sale, involving up to more than 6 million users!

Hello Kitty iPad

 6 million passwords leaked, how do we protect your password?

Using an MD5 decrypted password, and network can be found at barley.

 6 million passwords leaked, how do we protect your password?

Of leaking data out of three adjacent account log in, caught its user ID is continuous, is already technically prove that data has a lot of suspicion. Barley currently network user information disclosure has been confirmed the authenticity of the message and emergency announcements, notification of barley net users to modify their own password, and early prevention of collision risk from much the same password.

What is the library? What does it mean?

Library, also known as “torco”, usually due to some small Web server security measures are not in place, hacking, dragged out of the database, export the user name and password, and then used in other places. For example with some selling to Internet “thing”. Hello Kitty iPad

Hit the library, is in the “good” through a number of means to obtain a large number of user name and password, this account password to the website tries to land, (software automatically, some identification code can automatically identify) hit an OK. This means that once a user has in a number of sites that use the same password as long as one of the security measures in place were not, all of the user’s account information are under threat!

In fact, access to data within the database and a website does not necessarily require very advanced technology and cost, a man who mastered some basic hacking techniques coupled with a powerful hacking tools and more efficient, you can complete the “drag” task, once the illegal acquisition of the database are used to hit the library, will often cause even more damage.

Hazards-the domino effect of passwords

On December 21, 2011, the database on the Internet is crazy forwarded by a professional website, including 600yuwange Express registered mail and password disclosure, a large number of affected users for this night to change the password. Since then, 178 games NET 5 websites a user database and rendering open, more media exposure has dozens of large site hackers “drag” the password to the peak of the crisis of the end of 2011. As password crisis four years ago, now more than 6 million network user information has been online selling of barley, once they are “people” be used, continue to hit other Web sites, is likely to trigger a series of knock-on effects that password disclosure, more Web site’s data will be released by hackers.

Although article pitiangaidi on how to set a strong password, but many Internet users still used for email, Tweets, games, online payment and shopping accounts set the same password.

Once the database is compromised, all of the user information is available to the public, anyone can take the password to all attempts to log on to the Web site. For an average user may cause damage to property, personal privacy or disclosure, scammers use your information pretending to be a customer service for a series of frauds. Sensitive to some users in the financial industry, which sometimes fatal hazards!

Password to prevent collision–you have made a “taboo”

According to 2014 a ticketing Web site the user information data on users ‘ password habits survey, found that a large number of Internet users in the set password is making these taboo, please check whether:

, Password contains commonly used words, birthday, phone number, name or abbreviation;

Second, never change the password, a password for many years;

Third, all passwords are saved in the computer, the browser;

Four, password length is too low, all-digital;

Five, the secret security measures is not set or the secondary verification;

If you set a password when any of these “taboo”, will also increase the risk of your account was stolen and, therefore, develop a good password habits, is necessary for ensuring account security.

Improving account security options

First, set a strong password: form using uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, non-numeric symbols combination; Hello Kitty case

Second, regular password: change your password on a regular basis, monthly, or quarterly change, and never put a password in clear text on paper;

Third, in different networks using different passwords, and use more secure passwords for important system;

Four, the password is not saved in the local: General browser saved password is not a good encryption policies, which often opened the door for hackers to crack passwords;

Five, use a more secure authentication method: If you think your password is too complex to remember, you can scan the QR code login, login, fingerprint log on brush faces, each of which is safer and more convenient than traditional passwords, simply install a phone authentication software such as onion token can be realized.

iPad Mini 2

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iPad Mini 2

This revision, the Apple iPad and iPad mini product line differences had narrowed but uses the same Retina display, other specifications are on par, such as previous-generation iPad is A6X processor 4, iPad mini is using A5 processor (same as iPad 2), originally rumored iPad 5 uses A7X processor

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