Meld dark kitchen into the terminator

Meld: dark kitchen into the terminator

Sister Cook tasting a big culprit: heat not sure is good, is not the burned is not yet ripe. Hand cooking stars is always so depressing, adjustable temperature are struggling for a long time.

Whether to hand anything to save you, sister of the dark kitchen!

Kickstarter recently got a raise was thrilled by small series of Lei feng, it’s smart thermostat Meld. It consists of two components: the knob and temperature clip, via a Bluetooth connection.

Meld: dark kitchen into the terminator
Meld: dark kitchen into the terminator

Knob need 4, 7th battery, temperature clip requires 1, battery life is very long, and basically do not need frequent replacement.

If you’re cooking small white, it doesn’t matter, there are countless recipes, such as App you choose, just follow the prompts to prepare ingredients, cast into the pot, then Meld the infinite Mana!

Meld: dark kitchen into the terminator

When cooking, just measured in the clip after a specified temperature, the knob will automatically rotate, and adjust the temperature to the right place.

If fund-raising support at the site, will be paying $ 129 price for a Meld, and the market price is $ 149. MCM iPhone 6 Plus MCM iPhone 6 case

Worried about your sister Cook bad? To start a Meld, upgrading of Chinese small-headed minute!

via kickstarter & mashable

Meld: dark kitchen into the terminator

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MCM iPhone 6 Plus

Charm Blue Note 2

Charm blue NOTE 2 both hardware and software have changed very much. NOTE 2 power button location changes, and HOME keys are directly used by larger capacitor HOME key, implements more features, is a good solution for big-screen phone control. System, magic blue cancelled a traditional Smartbar Flyme controversial, based on Android 5.1

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