This camera is charged by light

This camera is charged by light

Wait, this fascinating little brother why open-mouthed wiggling to … … And this drunk drunk do what is the resolution of the r-rated movie? And why only GIF! Fast video left the good life of peace!

Come on, video their own stamp.

(After reading 1000 grass-mud horse of mind–what the hell is this … … Traffic 1M is also money, small series, you can’t play for us! )

In order to make little character, still come under science with you.

Just saw the video content is actually a camera recorded picture, when Ming Dim light may in fact be the camera’s “parents”–because the light can charge the camera!

According to the official website of the introduction, Colombia University has recently developed a camera, sensor photodiodes that are formed of the fuselage, at the time of his induction into the light, 30*40 pixel to produce a black and white shading on the screen, we can produce electricity supply.

This camera is charged by light

Well, why does it seem like old-style cameras, is the need to put your head in?

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Do it yourself, try to really awesome camera to self-reliance.

There is also a small video, you can see when the light changes the voltage changes.

When the environment variable when camera voltage rise also means in charge; and once entering the pitch range, the fuselage will be consuming the original power. At 200 lux light intensity, the voltage will remain in 3V, and 2.5V will be able to make the camera work.

1 lux equals a candle from a meter outside the project in the amount of light on a surface of one square meter. Elevator machine room illuminance standard value is 200lux, which means even less bright environment, the camera remains full of power. Michael Kors Galaxy S6 Case

Now, the camera looks quite rough, and only made a preliminary prototype, after all, the little brother’s face always has a mosaic of vision, but Colombia University team said they hope this invention allows cameras achieve the goal of never charged–just to pick it up and use, camera moments.

via the Verge, engadget, eurekalert,

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This camera is charged by light

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