Aurvana family released three new flagship headset wireless speakers to help out

On November 26, the innovations Conference, held in Beijing, has released five new products, including the Aurvana series headphones, and two speaker products. Aurvana series new flagship Platinum debut into focus, 50 mm audio driver to make it at this level in a very competitive product, and 1999 pricing is very honest.

Aurvana brothers debut

Aurvana headphones, Aurvana flagship headset, Aurvana series headsets

The new Aurvana series launches three new products for the headset products, both listening and calling features. Platinum is defined innovation as its new flagship level headset with 50 mm neodymium magnet driver unit, can ensure the headset can present bass and pure treble of Bonjour. And Tri-Mode ANC active noise reduction technology to help users filter 90% noise, allowing users to get a better sound experience.

Aurvana headphones, Aurvana flagship headset, Aurvana series headsets

While Platinum continued innovation before the flagship products of high quality workmanship, added a soft leather and metals, innovation in the match is now the main triangle ear, from high-end visual experience will let users enjoy. And hide the four mic on the headset can help users maximize the reduction of environmental noise, makes this product calls with exception Bonjour’s performance. GUCCI iPad Mini Case

Aurvana headphones, Aurvana flagship headset, Aurvana series headsets

And second Gold Aurvana product positioned in the high-end, or flagship, the shape using a black color scheme, up out of the Visual photoreceptor say no on the Platinum level, but the actual work is not bad. Compare with Platinum, Gold’s biggest difference is only equipped with a 40 mm driver unit, and Platinum in theory sound will have some differences.

Two new Aurvana headphones use Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, and supports NFC quick pairing function. New Creative ShareMe function can also make an audio source equipment for two new Aurvana headphones and pushed music to really achieve the effect of two headset share the same audio source.

Aurvana headphones, Aurvana flagship headset, Aurvana series headsets

Aurvana headphones are relatively low in the last paragraph of Live!2, and Gold uses a 40 mm driver unit, Live!2 ‘s ear muffs made of artificial leather and memory foam to create can hold close to human skin. Its equipped with detachable audio cable with cable-controlled microphone and volume control, easy to match smart phones for voice calls. GUCCI iPad Mini Case

These three Aurvana headphones product supports wireless and wired two listening modes. Press Conference officially announced three headphones prices and flagship Platinum prices 1999, flagship Gold at $ 1299, the product went on sale in January of 2014 officially listed. Live!2 price 599 will tomorrow go on sale.

Wireless Bluetooth speaker T4, T30

Besides headset products, innovation in this launch also gives us its new wireless speaker products, including a 2.1 channel T4 and T30 2.0 channel. Both speakers are using the wireless connection, Bluetooth and NFC functionality.

Aurvana headphones, Aurvana flagship headset, Aurvana series headsets

T4 wireless speakers for ideal home audio entertainment to create the innovative ‘ products. Each component of this product is quite exquisite workmanship, designed especially for high-quality audio performance. Two satellite speakers driven by the fever grade aluminum built, high output. Compact subwoofer low frequencies down pretty good.

T4 support two Bluetooth devices at the same time connect this amp, users can use the Creative Multipoint technology allows users to toggle between the two audio sources. Speakers at the same time provide a standard optical audio interfaces, so it can also be used as a home player or TV sound mate. This 2.1-channel wireless speaker T4 ‘s official pricing for 1899, went on sale in late December.

GUCCI iPad Mini Case

Aurvana headphones, Aurvana flagship headset, Aurvana series headsets

And a 2.0-channel wireless speaker T30 is the classic T20 before upgrade, system used a dedicated tweeter and sound units are matched with design of dual voice mode. This amp is equipped with customized silk domed tweeter to render smooth treble, glass fiber woven cone-shaped sound elements are used to create natural and accurate rich Alto, and using Creative BasXPort technology for strong bass output.

Like T4, the T30 also support Bluetooth and NFC wireless connection mode and optical audio cable and a 3.5 mm audio cable, general model of connection. T30 official pricing for 799 Yuan, also went on sale at the end of December.

Source: Tencent


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