USB Razer Kraken kraken 7 1 surround sound Gaming Headset

Razer at the GamesCom game exhibition today announced its latest audio products: USB Razer Kraken kraken 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. If you have the impression, should remember the Razer Kraken Pro kraken professional gaming headset, the USB version of the Kraken kraken styling just like it. It has a customizable 7.1 virtual surround sound, as well as enhanced digital microphone. That is, it can use the ultra low delay audio response, impersonation often can be achieved only with multiple units of a full 360-degree surround-sound experience. While it also has a fully-digital microphone using optimization algorithms, and equipped with a mute button with LED indicator. Prices for 769 million, you can buy now.

USB Gaming Headset Razer Gaming Headset, kraken headset


Frequency range: 20Hz-20,000Hz

Impedance: 1kHz 32 ω Marc Jacobs Galaxy S4 Case

Sensitivity (@1kHz,1V/Pa): 110 ± 4dB, Max 1kHz

Output power: 30mW

Marc Jacobs Galaxy S4 Case

Speaker: 40mm neodymium magnets Marc Jacobs Galaxy S4 Case

Ear cover diameter: 50mm/1.97”

Cable length: 2m braided USB cable

About: 340g

Interface type: gold-plated USB connector


Frequency response range: 100-12,000 Hz

Signal to noise ratio: 63dB

Sensitivity (@1kHz,1V/Pa):-40 ± 4dB

Pickup pattern: omnidirectional

Source: 91 mobile phone accessories


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