Young death unmanned aerial vehicle loaded pistols air traffic management Bureau

Young death: unmanned aerial vehicle loaded pistols, air traffic management Bureau investigation

Lei feng’s network last week reported the drones shoot video, almost more than a week ago, the video is in YouTube lit.

Known as the “Fly gun” video is on YouTube for the July 10, video, a four-axis drone flight with a semi-automatic pistol in the Woods, shot forward and, at present, the video has had over 2 million hits. Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case

It is reported that the “flying” is the United States an 18 year old student of the school of mechanical engineering of Connecticut DIY work, but also by the students to upload recorded videos on YouTube, the current United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched an investigation.

FAA authorities think, the students of DIY test regardless of is for what purpose, and regardless of whether do has security protection measures, eventually is pieces very dangerous of things, early in 2013, FAA is responsible for no machine provides of Jim Williams on has said, authorities has introduced implementation has related provides, not allows in aircraft Shang installation weapons, plainly, this is a without license and manufacturing of special weapons, so according to related legal regulations, “fly gun” in actually has is violations.

Any emerging technology, there will always be a bunch of enthusiasts to explore the technology, but did not control the exploration and development could make this technology produces numerous potentially dangerous, so before the danger is to be clear and positive provisions.

The FAA investigation of the student’s “flying” won’t be the last time, four-axis the use of drones is also exploring, this technology could make people’s lives more convenient in the future, but also many problems, system of rules need to be established to ensure technology in a positive direction. Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case

Young death: unmanned aerial vehicle loaded pistols, air traffic management Bureau investigation

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